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Not sure how this works?

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GeetBigSlug Sat 17-Nov-12 11:56:41

Hi, I think the idea is that if you're having a tough time and have no-one in rl to talk to you can go to the friendship bench in your local area and find someone to maybe meet up and have a chat with. The idea was started by a lovely mumsnetter who pointed out that lots of troubled women had no-one apart from online. So...I don't have tons of time but I'm sitting here on a bench in Jesmond Dene actually

Not expecting a huge rush but well, someone's got to start the ball rolling smile

Peeka Wed 21-Nov-12 23:18:47

Hello! I wouldn't say I'm having a tough time but your bench looked a bit lonely so I thought I'd give you a wave smile

GeetBigSlug Thu 22-Nov-12 01:39:42

Cheers Peeka.

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