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MNLeominster Thu 15-Nov-12 16:08:33

Hiya smile I'm a regular Mumsnetter living in Leominster centre. I've been here just less than five years - am not a local - mainly for the sake of my health, which is crap. To get the rest of the bad news out of the way, I have a stupid invisible illness that means I'm not out & about much and am broke so can't travel or go out for coffees, etc. I'm over 50 and have no DC of my own.

On the upside, I'm a very good listener/talker/hand-holder; I often post in Relationships. I'm quite funny on a good day. I am very experienced with children so could possibly give you a hand with yours if you're stuck.

When I first came here I had support for my mental health (depression). The support workers told me that, contrary to my assumption, Leominster being a small and close-knit community doesn't always work well for local people. They're scared everybody might find out they aren't coping, so they keep quiet and suffer alone. That's rotten, imo! If this is you - or someone you're close to - you might feel a bit safer with me because I hardly know a soul locally.

I'm not sure what to say next. PM me, I guess, if you fancy a chat.

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MNLeominster Sat 09-Feb-13 11:54:05

Well, I know I didn't exactly sell myself but I'm not THAT bad grin

Hope all you Leominster MNers had a lovely Christmas and - hey, the snowdrops are out! It'll soon be Spring smile

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tazzle Sun 21-Apr-13 00:00:00

Hi....I just found this section lol. I am south of you in Hereford and it looks like no one in Leominster from mumsnet !!!.

Like you am over 50 and have had depression. ..but unlike you I have DC...and even DGC lol. I also have two dogs and they keep me quite busy.

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