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Child party entertainers - either snakes or other animals?

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Finchleyetc Thu 08-Nov-12 10:19:01

Hi, my son missed out on a party last year due to moving house and although we never had a big party for him we always made a fuss (like taking a few of his friends to cinema now he is bigger etc.) but last year failed to do anything.
He is turning 8 in January and I was thinking of having something at home, just a few of his closest friends in our very tiny front room...
He is crazy about snakes at the moment but any creepy crawlies would do to. Other that he would love a German Shepherd as a best friend but doubt people let you borrow one for day! lol
Anyone out here who used an animal party entertainer before, someone you would recommend? You know the kind that come to your house, let the kids stroke the animals and tells them a bit about them?
Any tips please? Thank you.

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