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maybe moving to winchester

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magicalmollie Sat 27-Oct-12 08:52:53

good morning lovely mums. I really wanted some advice on Winchester. After a horrendous divorce to a horrible abusive man I have been living at my parents house for the last 2 years, actually slightly over. I now really need to leave and start afresh with my life. I can't move too far from my beautiful 5 year old daughters father, so I was thinking about Winchester. I know the schools are virtually impossible to get into, but I will look into that too. I really wanted to know what it was like to actually live there. Is is friendly, will I be shunned for being a single, divorced mother? Or are people less judgemental than they are in a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere like I am now. Is it easy to make friends, is there anything to do in the evenings when I don't have my daughter. I am worried about moving somewhere that I don't know a soul and that I will be terribly lonely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Am in quite a lot of turmoil about my life at the moment and am not sure where to turn so I am hoping some of you can help me. Thank you x

strawberrypenguin Mon 29-Oct-12 06:38:41

Winchester is nice but very expensive! You won't be judged for being a single mum the people I've lived next door to in my time here have been lovely but like most places now I think it's hit and miss how much you see your neighbours Winchester isn't very villagey. You will probably want to look at being a little outside of the main town in Badger Farm/Stanmore/ Weeke. There are things to do if you go and find them. The local library in the town centre runs loads of clubs and events so maybe check that out. There's probably more I could tell you but I need to get going now I'll pop back later. Good luck with your move smile

magicalmollie Mon 29-Oct-12 16:27:47

Thank you Strawberrypenguin. Anymore you can tell me would be brilliant. I realise it won't be very villagey, but I am in a village now and even though I love being in the countryside (which I will miss loads) it is very lonely and very small minded. I am the only single parent at her primary school and it goes up to age 11! Also I like the idea of being able to walk places for things. Maybe even to be able to go out in the evening and have a meal or a drink (which I can't do here as you have to drive everywhere and really no taxis). What is it like in the evenings is it totally dead or does it have some atmosphere? Where are you in Winchester? I was thinking of the fulflood or hyde area, are they any good? I realise it is very expensive, but I think that is something you expect in a town near london and good schools. I can probably just afford a tiny place in those areas I mentioned, in fact I am looking at a couple tomorrow. Do you find you make friends at the school gates or is it very cliquey, do you think it will be hard as everyone might have already made their friends as she will be going in year 1 mid year (I am talking about parents, not her as she is very confident and I know will make friends quickly and children at that age are usually pretty good with new ones around.) Any advice you can give me would be really appreciated thank you x

strawberrypenguin Mon 29-Oct-12 18:28:09

Hyde/fulflood are nice areas. Depending on how far you want to walk/which bit you are in town is walkable from there and buses are ok smile

night life is OK loads and loads of restaurants/pubs in Winchester but no real clubs that I can think of! Southampton is easy access by train tho if its clubs you want.

Can't help much with the school gates I'm afraid my DS has just turned 1. But I can say you are very unlikely to be the only single parent and everyone I've met at baby/toddler groups has been lovely.
I now live in South Wonston which is a 10/15 min drive/bus outside of Winch so not walkable. But I've lived in Stanmore, Hyde and Badger Farm in my time in Winchester (first arrived as a student so moved a lot!) all walkable distance from town and pretty nice areas. Like everywhere there are some worse areas Winnal can have a few problems (but also has nice bits) and there are a couple of roads at the top of Stanmore probably best avoided but on the whole you can go far wrong.
Anything else just ask smile and if you need someone to have a coffee with give me a shout (I work ft but have a set lunch break and off on Wednesdays) x

magicalmollie Mon 29-Oct-12 20:52:38

Thank you so much. You have been lovely and really helpful. I am off to look around tomorrow and see some houses. If things go well I would love to meet you for coffee. Have a good week. x

magicalmollie Mon 29-Oct-12 20:56:49

ps I'm a bit old for clubs nowadays, 40 at the end of next year. But good pubs and restaurants sound ideal. How old are you by the way, just out of interest? Do you work in town? Something else I am going to have to look into. X

strawberrypenguin Tue 30-Oct-12 11:47:51

I'm 29 (but if DS doesn't start sleeping better soon I'm going to look 60) I work in the Discovery Centre in town (otherwise known as the library!) there is work around if your not to fussy. The hospital and council are big employers in Winch but most council jobs at internal applicant only at the mo. there are several agencies in Winch though so you should be able to find something! Good luck house hunting x

magicalmollie Wed 31-Oct-12 12:05:50

I know what you mean, I felt I aged years in the first few months of my daughters birth. How interesting to work at the discovery center. I love libraries and am always looking to see if there is ever any work in them, but there never is, but as you say most jobs are probably internal. What do you do there? I went to look at a few houses yesterday, and even though they weren't right, I loved Winchester and would def like to move there. I do though think that I am going to be laughed out of every school I ring, which has happened so every other area I have tried so far, but here's hoping!!

magicalmollie Wed 31-Oct-12 12:06:25

I tried to add a smiley halloween face but it wouldn't let me. smile x

magicalmollie Wed 31-Oct-12 12:07:15


strawberrypenguin Wed 31-Oct-12 22:15:28

I do a bit of everything! Book stuff (books in/out, shelving, tidying, requests) , event stuff (we have a performance hall as well as being a library), children's events (story time etc) sorting out computers etc and one thing your never told is that working in a library you need to be part councelor too because some people will inevitably tell you there life story/ current problems. (Which is nice that they get to open up to someone outside their problem but sometimes a bit full on.)

Glad you liked Winchester it is lovely. Shame about the houses but I think your looking at the right time of year there seem to be a fair few around atm.

fx for a school place smile there are a good number of schools around Winchester especially if you don't mind CofE or similar and they are all very good.

singlemagicalmum Thu 22-Nov-12 15:03:34

Hi Strawberrypenguin, so sorry I haven't written back. I went and looked around the other day and I loved it. Then my friend and I went to see the fireworks and that was fabulous too. I really appreciate all the info you gave me. Your job sounds great too x

banoffeepiequeen Thu 22-Nov-12 23:45:53

hi smm I am a single mum from Southampton currently looking at houses in and moving to Winchester so please keep me updated with your progress and house hunting etc! Perhaps we could meet for coffee x

fulfloodmum Wed 08-May-13 13:22:52

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