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Relocating to South Oxfordshire, where to consider?

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Gular Tue 23-Oct-12 23:42:46

Hi, we are moving to the South Oxfordshire area, We have older teens who will only be home in the holidays, so a little daunting (we have moved around before including abroad and always so much easier with younger toddler/school age kids to help with making friends etc).
Am coming up next week to do a rekkie on areas, looking for a smaller town eg. Wallingford (any other suggestions) or larger village with a little going on. Ideally we want to be within 10 miles of Berinsfield where my husband works (we don't want to live there), we had thought we'd quite like to look over as far as Thame but maybe a little far for his commute?
Any suggestions would be great. We do know Abingdon quite well but think we would like somewhere a little smaller, and will probably want an older house non estate.

JennyWren Tue 23-Oct-12 23:58:36

Wallingford is lovely, and an easy commute to Berinsfield. Crowmarsh is on the edge of Wallingford and a nice walk into town so you don't need the car. You'd need to drive from other villages if you want to get into Wallingford, but if you don't mind that then Brightwell-cum-Sotwell is lovely, as is Benson if you fancy somewhere larger.

Gular Fri 26-Oct-12 21:41:35

Thanks Jenny I will check out those villages too, Brightwell has a fab website

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