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birthing centre around redbridge

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ray8 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:39:30

I need some help and reviews on birthing centres around redbridge. this is my second baby, i had my first at hospital, not a nice experiance, this time i want to go for birthing centre but it seems there is not a single birthing centre in redbridge!
Has anyone given birth at Barking birthing centre or Lilac birthing centre? and if so what are your thoughts and reviews on their staff, assistance and facilities?? can i choose to give birth in a birth centre out of my borough?
many thanks smile

Ihatenicknames Mon 08-Oct-12 15:34:57

I live in Redbridge but had my second DC at Whipps X in Waltham Forest. I had wanted to use the birthing centre, having had my first DS at UCH's birthing centre. However, when I got to Whipps I was told it was full and I had had my DS2 by the time any spaces became available. I had to make do with the ensuite shower (which flooded the bathroom). I hear good things about The Barkantine Centre but it is in Docklands so may be too far (I felt it was). Good luck.

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