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Backwell and Clevedon - more help needed!!!!

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homehunter Mon 01-Oct-12 12:24:58

Back on this thread in the desperate hope that someone can give me any more idea of what life is like in these two places.

We are currently up north and want to move somewhere near Bristol with some decent schooling for the kids. Oldest is due to go to high school in sept and have looked at both Backwell and Clevedon which seem fine/good (respectively) BUT I can't seem to get a handle on what life would be like for preteens/teens in these towns.

Have spoken to those with younger kids and seems good in Clevedon but not sure if there are things in place for the older kids (don't want them to end up hanging down the beach!!

Experiences/insights appreciated.

sportybird Thu 25-Oct-12 21:24:24

HELLO!!! I am in a similar situation but with little kids....moving to Clevcedon but baffled with where to send my primary kids....ANY ideas would really help. xxx

homehunter Mon 05-Nov-12 12:59:58

Great to hear someone moving to Clevedon as well! We spent half term looking round all the schools (except St Johns as we ran out of steam). Perhaps you did the same?? I must say I was very impressed with Mary Elton school - very vibrant atmosphere. If life were totally straight forward I would send the kids there, but no places for my Year 4 daughter and St Nicholas and All Saints nearer to where we are planning to live... I have met people who have children at both of those and all seem very happy. Would appreciate any insights you have. How old are your little ones?

plipplops Wed 30-Jan-13 21:02:37

Hi! I live in Claverham, about 5 mins from Backwell and 10 mins from Clevedon. We go to the local village primary (so didn't look at any others) but a friend has applied for St Johns for her DS in Sept. I know she had looked round quite a few and I don't really think there's any substitution for that as it's such a personal choice, sorry that's not v helpful

Regarding the teens/preteens, no I would say there's maybe not a huge amount to do, although I'm not too sure what type of thing you'd be looking for? DDs are 4 and 5 but I grew up in the area, there's not that much to do anywhere! Clevedon has a decent pool and leisure centre (Strode Leisure Centre), and by the sea front there's a skate park/basketball court bit that always seems pretty full. Not really many shops to browse round but you can get a bus to Bristol which takes about an hour (was the same when I was a kid), or from Nailsea you can get a train to Bristol or Weston Super Mare v easily. There are a few pubs but no proper bars to speak of, there's a nightclub (Vibe), at the Clevedon Town Football club ground which is a mile or two outside town. Can't say I've ever been there but I reckon it's fairly rubbish!

Don't know what your kids are in to but there's lots of horsey things round here and local sports clubs etc if that floats their boat?

I have no idea if that was any help or not, I'll try any think of anything else x

pipsqueakz Fri 08-Mar-13 23:05:12

Yeomoor is good we moved to clevedon 6months ago and my kids are doing so well there x

cjel Wed 24-Apr-13 17:29:44

Would choose Backwell or Gordano over Clevedon Comp.

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