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Mother & Baby Group SW6

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LittlePoppetsMummy Thu 27-Sep-12 14:33:02

Does anyone know of a friendly mother and baby group or playgroup in SW6 I could take my 11 month old to?

Farraline Fri 09-Nov-12 18:25:54

There is a good one on Wednesday from 1230-6 at the antique chair on lillie road.

EmmaPee Thu 15-Nov-12 14:22:52

Other groups close to the Antique Chair are:

Bayonne Nursery/Childrens Centre
Tuesdays 9:30am
- in the children's centre attached to the nursery. Great staff, small outside area, lots to explore, fruit time (I think they still do that). No charge.

Twynholm Baptist Church
Tuesdays 10-12
- indoor only, friendly and plenty of tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits. Healthy snack served up for the little ones. Song time at the end. Charge £2 per family.

Dorset Wharf Playgroup, Rainville Road
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-12
- overlooking the river, indoor and outdoor areas, crafts and toys, snacks, tea & coffee for mums, lots to play with, song time. Charge £2.50 per family.

Bishops Park Playhouse, Fulham Palace
Monday - Friday, 9:30-?, possibly afternoon session too
- Brilliant setting, especially as they get older. Huge garden, sandpit, gardening sessions, water play, lovely things to play with inside. Lots to explore. You'd need to find out the times though, as I can't remember. There is a charge similar to the other, but I can't remember what that is either.

Queen's Manor Primary School do play sessions for little ones and music on a Thursday. You'd have to call for the details of that though, as I've not been in a couple of years. St Andrew's, St Thomas, and All Saints churches all also have playgroups, though I've not been to them. St Paul's in Hammersmith has one in their new building too.

Hope that's of some help!

cherrybaby82 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:06:11

st Andrew Fulham just off greyhound road has a special church service on a Monday morning 10:15 for children
and on a Wednesday 10:15 songs and stories
star café also in the church is brilliant for homemade food such as soup, jacket potatoes and toasted sandwich's at very good prices and tea and coffee
very relaxed atmosphere
free wifi
I love bringing my 2 year old here she has a whale of time playing on the carpet area with all the soft toys

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