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Isolated mum in churchdown

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Flowzer Thu 20-Sep-12 17:19:52

Hi all,

My name is laura, I'm 31 and mum to a beautiful 7 month old boy called harry. We live on the highgrove estate in churchdown.

I'd absolutely love to meet some other new mums and some with kids of a similar age so harry can have some playmates, but here's the problem..... I have M.E and the extreme fatigue and other lovely symptoms mean I am pretty much housebound and need to rest alot just to get through the day. Baby groups are out on all but the best days cos by the time I get harry ready, in his car seat, there, and out of his car seat, I'm shattered and need to rest!

Are there any mums out there who could do with a new friend and a playmate for their little ones who might fancy popping round for an hour or so one day? I make a decent cup of tea grin)

I know that sounds really sad and pathetic but I'm friendly- just have a body that doesn't really work and find it really hard to get out.


sleepingbunnies Thu 20-Sep-12 21:45:39

Bless you! Nowhere near you but hope you find someone that is!

You might want to repost in chat to get more traffic? X

emmarm Sat 29-Sep-12 22:07:06

Hi Laura
I'm really sorry to hear about your ME and how difficult it is for you to get out and about. I have a big car, a spare car seat and some I would be very happy to come over, get Harry ready for you and then take you out with me and my one year old. Might that work?? We go to a great lunch group called BLT at St Andrew's church hall on Wednesday you'd have the added benefit of not having to make your own lunch!
If that's not a runner then me and my little one could pop over to say hi on a Wednesday morning.
Emma x

Flowzer Mon 01-Oct-12 16:46:05

Hi Emma,

Really good to hear from you, thanks for replying. That sounds great! I have heard of blt but the one and only time I managed to get there it was closed for the hols! - didn't know it was tto grin(

I'd love to come along with you and your little one, and if I'm not up to it on weds I'd still love you to pop in. I'm doing this on my mobile and can't work out how to pm you on here, but I'll log in properly later and send you my number.

Laura x

Flowzer Tue 02-Oct-12 12:05:41

Hi Emma,

Sorry but I can't get pm to work - it keeps just saying error on page, and I don't want to leave my address and phone no. on here, so can you email me your mobile no. so I can text you? My email address is


Laura x

emmarm Wed 03-Oct-12 10:35:30

Hi Laura
I've sent you an email...let me know if you didn't get it.
Emma x

MrsMLB Wed 05-Jun-13 10:09:38

Hi Laura,
I had ME in my teens so can appreciate what you're going through :-(
I've literally just had a positive preg test with baby number 1 so very early days for me, I'm also a foster parent!
If you want to chat feel free :-)
I'm in Chelt so only down the road :-)

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