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Broomwood vs finton house??

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Honesttodog Wed 19-Sep-12 20:29:47

Help! Unexpectedly been offered a place at finton when we assumed we wouldn't get one. I loved FH, dp loves BH. Dp is white and I am not and i am a bit nervy about snobbery at BH. I am not very good at conforming but I suppose BH would a veery good formative environment for my ratheer bossy, headstrong, lively little girl. She is veery sociable and well liked so I think she'll do well anywhere, but does need to get better at doing what she is told when in a group.

Will have a chat with her nursery but any thoughts??

SuiGeneris Sat 22-Sep-12 06:33:29

No help here but will have to make a choice over the next few weeks so would be interested in your thoughts. What did your nursery say?

Honesttodog Sat 22-Sep-12 23:00:23

Nursery feel broomwood suits her best, offers more structure, good arts programme.

she knows a few kids going next yr too.

Hope to go see each school again next wk.

SuiGeneris Sun 23-Sep-12 11:32:52

Very interesting... We will be going round the schools again shortly too.

Are you going for BH? Does your nursery send many children there? Friends and I were wondering whether some nurseries just tend to favour certain schools or if it is that parents that have chosen a certain nursery then pick a similar school...

arniesidd Sun 23-Sep-12 16:21:20

What about the local state schools? Honeywell/Belleville, if you're lucky enough to be in the ever-diminishing catchment area?

wandymum Wed 26-Sep-12 13:47:27

My son started at Broomwood this September and is loving it so far. Don't worry about the rumours about BH being 'snobby'. You'll hear all sorts - someone even told me that I wouldn't be allowed to wear jeans to pick up - but it's rubbish. So far all the other parents have been very friendly and 'normal'. I think the social demographic of Broomwood and Finton is pretty much the same anyway.

Both great schools so I'm sure she'll be happy whichever you go for.

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