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New friends, pregnancy, groups

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AmehLJ Tue 11-Sep-12 11:39:08

Hey everyone, i'm currently 9 months pregnant, i have just moved 300 miles to Cardiff as my OH works here, my baby is due in 4 weeks time, i don't know anyone or anywhere and would like to meet some likeminded friends to talk too but finding it very hard on were to go. Does anyone know of any classes or groups etc?

Thank youu smile

HarleysMummy12 Thu 13-Sep-12 12:53:53

Hiya hun. Not long to go now. I gave birth to my daughter 2 weeks ago and moved to Cardiff recently aswell. Theres lots of things going on in the city. when your feeling up to it, we could always meet with the babies for a coffee. Best of luck !! Danni x

Beachcombergirl Mon 17-Sep-12 11:32:42

Hi there

I have a four month old and we live in Cardiff. Haven't attended any classes yet but I'm keen too as I don't know any new mums in the area either. Any suggestions?

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