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Bday party ideas in TW for 5 yr old DD

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DreadfulSpiller Fri 07-Sep-12 16:02:14

Hi there

We've not lived her that long and DD is desperate for a proper party. Her bday is mid October.

She has just started in reception, so we'd probably have to invite the whole class, plus a couple of other friends, as wouldnt know how to discriminate and she's only been there for a total of 6 hours so has hardly made good friends yet!

So, Im looking for ideas / venues for a party ... we've been to a couple at Langton Green village hall and also a Gruffalo party at Wilderness Woods, which was great, but was iffy about October weather? Also, if we were to hire a hall - any ideas for activities etc as I think they are past just being happy with pass the parcel?! Any advice from the more experienced party givers/goers amongst you would be fab.

thanks in advance.

shivs1974 Sun 09-Sep-12 22:30:24

I decided against the "invite the whole class" when my dds were in Reception. Instead they invited 5-7 friends and we had a party at home. However this might not be for thinking as to what other 5yr old parties were like....Minor Mania in Bells Yew Green, hiring hall with either magician/clown/dance/sport theme....(eg Kelly the clown/msporti etc). I think it depends on how much you want to spend and how much effort you personally want to put in. Some parents are truly talented at being able to run parties for 30 children without any formal entertainers and making it look perfect...I'm not one of those!!
I hope this has helped...

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