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Violin teacher for beginner - Chorlton/ Stretford/ Old Trafford

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BeehavingBaby Mon 08-Jul-13 23:56:33

Thank you smile

Itsfabupnorth Wed 16-Jan-13 21:02:50

I am one of the local editors for local mumsnet Manchester & Trafford, we are currently building the listings on the new local site, however, I saw your talk thread and whilst we currently have no listings under music, I remembered myself going to Chorlton high school for music with my children. Below I have cut and pasted some info from the school site. I hope is of some use. Please feel free to add any listings for the new local community site when you stumble accross them.

"Music at Chorlton High is modern and up-to-date! With a Recording Studio, three large music ICT rooms, and three practice rooms, there's always something happening!
As with our other Performing Arts facilities, our music facilities are also available for community use outside school hours.
Currently on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings we hold a Music Centre for children in the Chorlton area! Whatever your age, there's something for you at the Music Centre!
On Saturday mornings we also have Theatre Train, a performing arts class for children in the Chorlton area."

0161 882 1150 This is the school number as no other contact number was listed.

oldtraffordian Tue 15-Jan-13 08:53:18

If you are an old trafford resident have a look at Trafford Music Service. They are EXCELLENT. My daughter goes on a Saturday morning and has all sorts of classes including her chosen instrument- Voilin. There is a waiting list, but sometimes you can get in on an unpopular instrument and then change the next term. The website is down at the moment but you can contact them through If you want private lessons you can probably get in touch with one of the teachers.

BeehavingBaby Fri 10-Aug-12 22:46:56

Could anyone recommend one? I don't really know what to look for myself but DD (nearly 7) is very very keen to learn. Have left a few messages on numbers found on but a personal recommendation would be ideal. Thank you smile

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