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Relocating from Manchester to Isle of Man...

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KyliexTallulah88 Mon 06-Aug-12 19:05:26

Hi, we are relocating from Manchester to the Isle of Man due to OH's work. we have 3 children, 6yo, 4yo and 7mo smile
We are coming over at the beginning of September, will be living in Glen Vine.
I just wondered if anyone could give me some info on the local school(s) in Glen Vine. Childrens play areas/parks and if there are baby classes available. I do drive so would be able to travel if there isn't much in Glen Vine.
I'm really looking forward to the move and its very exciting but also abit scary as I'm not very confident in myself or at meeting new people but I know I will have to push myself for the children!
I'd be really grateful for any comments smile thank you
Kylie x

1cher Mon 06-Aug-12 20:40:49

Hi Kylie

Great to hear you are moving to the Island, how exciting for you all. I am Manx and have 2 children aged 16 and 7, we love life here, and it is a fantastic place to raise children. Glen Vine is a beautiful village and I am sure you will be very happy there.
You might find the website below useful, and look for the iom today website which will also be useful.
If you need any more help, or have any other specific questions let me know.
Kind regards and good luck with the move.

KyliexTallulah88 Tue 07-Aug-12 17:56:00

Thanks so much Cheryl, I will try your link.
Sounds like you are very happy there, hope we will be too smile
Thanks again for your reply.
Kylie x

Lizwilde Tue 21-Aug-12 21:33:05

Hi Kylie,
I live in Glen Vine, with my two children. There is one local school - Marown school - which is within walking distance of most of Glen Vine. The school has new play equipment which can be used out of hours and there are playing fields less than a mile away in Crosby which is used by the local footbal team - both adult and children's teams and cricket teams. There is also a play group located at Crosby for the pre-school/nursery-aged children and a small play park with swings, slide etc.
The island is small so you will soon find your feet and make friends with the mums at school. Hope your move goes smoothly.

Poopops81 Thu 15-Dec-16 16:54:05

Hi Kylie

How are you finding island life? We moved to port St Mary six weeks ago with my hubby and 11 month old. How have you found local groups? I have been trying to get to as many as possible but find it difficult as I had such a great support network back home x

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