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Ashmount School Primary School

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Juniorjones Mon 30-Jul-12 10:24:54

There is a local campaign to try and keep the Ashmount school primary school site (On the corner of Ashmount School and Hornsey Lane) in educational use once the current school moves because of the forecast shortage of primary school places in North Islington and Harringay from 2013 onwards. If anyone is in this catchment area and has children due to start school in 2014/15 and would like to find out more then please do contact me. The campaign is currently looking to build a list of parents in the area who might struggle to be in the catchment area for any primary school once Ashmount moves (and its catchment area moves with it) as a charity which sets up academies has expressed an interest in the site but needs more evidence that there is local support for the site to remain as a school. thanks

nlondondad Sat 04-Aug-12 20:19:20

I am aware of no evidence that there is a "forecast shortage" of School places in the area of the current Ashmount site "from 2013" onwards. The only people who could make such a forecast are Islington Council and they have not made one. If you have evidence to support what you have said please give it. Also Ashmount School is not moving very far and the area around the current site will remain inside the new catchment.

Also I dont know where this "struggling to be in the catchment' of any school area could possibly be as a short distance to the East of the Ashmount site will give you a continued choice of Ashmount and Coleridge, while people to the West far enough to be out of the new Ashmount catchment would be well into the Hargrave Park catchment. Most people will continue to have a choice.

But juniorjones if you know different please do not hesitate to post your evidence.

As I live in the area, and am an owner occupier, I am naturally concerned at what appear to me to be false rumours of an impending school place shortage in an area well provided with schools, and the possible impact such rumours could have on the housing market.

waitingab Sat 16-Feb-13 16:27:17

Can either of you confirm where the new Ashmount site is? I'm thinking that it's the new looking school between Hornsey Rise Gardens and Parkland Walk, used to be the site of a community centre.... but we looked at a flat nearby and the estate agent didn't think it is Ashmount.....

nlondondad Sun 17-Feb-13 18:52:38

Yes that is the new location; it is where the old Crouch Hill Recreation Centre was, but that closed a number of years ago. One of the access points is from Hornsey Rise Gardens. The building actually contains two independent facilities, Ashmount School and The Bowlers' Nursery. As the Bowlers' nursery, in a different building has been on that site for over 25 years and ashmount has just moved there that might cause some confusion.

The Ashmount website is here:-

The main Crouch Hill Park will probably reopen at the end of this month (February 2013)

waitingab Sun 17-Feb-13 19:49:01

Thank you. Glad to know that I'm not going mad. Estate agent was adamant that it's not Ashmount but I couldn't figure out what on earth it could possibly be!

nlondondad Sun 17-Feb-13 21:50:04

Bit of a gap on the part of the estate agent as they ought to know about their local schools!

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