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Moving to Ealing. Advice, thoughts or recommendations about the area?

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eversomuch Fri 27-Jul-12 21:44:21

We're planning to move to Ealing from North London in September. Haven't found a place yet (house-hunting now) but would love and appreciate any thoughts on the area from those who know it well.

We want to be fairly close to Ealing Broadway Station, near some good nurseries and primary schools as well. So far we're considering Northfields and the area just north of the Broadway, but would love to know what people think of West Ealing, North Ealing and the other surrounding neighbourhoods.

Will also be looking for good playgroups for infants and toddlers. Anyone know of any German groups in the area?

I'll pretty much be thrilled with any information people are willing to share as I don't know Ealing well at all. Many thanks in advance!

UptoapointLordCopper Tue 31-Jul-12 22:04:52

We are in Hanwell, so may be off-topic here. But the Paddington-Greenford line runs here, so may not be as isolated as some may think. smile Good schools, good parks, good transport, good co-op and butcher's. Love it here. LIved in EB and West Ealing pre-kids so can't comment on how it works with kids, but loved it then too!

Ealinglg Wed 01-Aug-12 20:39:12

Personally I prefer Northfields as had a lot of development in the last few years and really has improved loads. It feels a little more 'village' than west ealing as mainly around the main uxbridge rd. I am from south ealing though so hard to give full advice.

There are quite a few playgroups, etc around the best people to contact regarding all that information is the family information service ( I think they have an email contact on their website). They have always been really helpful to me in the past.

I really love Ealing, I have lived here (EB, Ealing common and South Ealing) for the last 10 years on and off. We are just moving back to the area after a mini stint up north. The parks are lovely all the year round and the tube access has always been more than enough for us.

Hope any of this helps. x

eversomuch Wed 01-Aug-12 22:23:29

This is all great. Thank you, both of you. Was in Ealing today to look at a few houses -- two in Northfields and one near the common. The place near the common was the nicest, but I wasn't so crazy about the area - just very residential. I do like the buzz around Northfields.

DD is only 16 months old, so we've got time to decide where we want to be for school, but I dread the thought of moving again in just two or three years, so would really ideally like to find a place near a good school (Fielding? Little Ealing?).

Ugh! Decisions, decisions! I do really like Ealing when I go there, though, so am more excited than stressed about the move.

Thank you again!

purplehippopotamus Wed 15-Aug-12 14:06:34

I have a few questions on the same subject. We're planning to move to Hanwell from Buckinghamshire towards the end of this year (with baby #1 due to arrive in November). We're mainly looking around the north west part of Hanwell, around Mayfield Gardens area, as houses seem more affordable, but I'm after any insider information about what it's like to live there, are there any parts of Hanwell best avoided, and what are the nurseries, schools and GP surgeries like? Thanks in advance!

bobsleigh Thu 16-Aug-12 13:09:32

It is good to read these messages as I too am thinking of moving to Hanwell with my 17mnth old. I went there yesterday to have a look - didn't do a full exploration, but it seemed ok. High St a bit grotty - but I am moving from Hammersmith, near Westfield, so have been very spoilt!

Have read lots of good things about Hanwell, and it seems a place that many people move out to post children. Am hoping to visit Isleworth later....

I have the same questions as eversomuch and purplehippo...would be very grateful for any replies and insider information! Good luck to eversomuch and purplehippo with your search...

ps also have to check out northfields but gather it is more expensive than Hanwell, although only just down the road...?

UptoapointLordCopper Thu 16-Aug-12 18:48:51

Check out the cuckoo estate (east of Greenford ave, south of ruislip road east, north of drayton bridge road, west of the railway wink) I think it's nice there. And near to Gurnell sports centre which is nice enough (though looked down upon by some hmm), rank of shops with chemists, nice butcher shop, co-op and a hardware shop that sells everything with an owner always good for a chat. Rubbish pub, but good ones nearby.

Transport - buses to ealing broadway and northfields station, train line to Paddington.

GP - greenford ave gp has dragons as receptionists (but we have always managed to get an appointment when we want to. There are ways. wink), but I hear Cuckoo Lane GP is good.

Dentist - nice and NHS. Lovely receptionists. smile

Primary schools - all good within walking distance. Secondary schools too. Nurseries - have nearly forgotten about this ... We went to Copley Close children's centre (now cybertot or something) and they were great.

Parks - Cuckoo park unknown and underrated. Bunny park very nice.

Atmosphere - nice community feel esp. since kids always bump into people they know when we are out and about. We've made some very good friends here.

Others - big Chinese supermarket in short driving/bus distance. Ikea up the road. hmm Rolls Royce shop if that's the bag you are into, piano shop ditto.

In short, we like it here! HTH.

bobsleigh Fri 17-Aug-12 22:24:49

Thanks uptoapoint, I will check out the cuckoo estate. It's good to hear you like it in Hanwell - I have lived in some really unpleasant bits of London in the past, and just want somewhere quite nice, with nice people and green areas/schools, all the usual stuff.

Went to Northfields today, and Lamas park, which I have to say was lovely, but that area defo more pricey than Hanwell.

Will continue to check stuff out!

eversomuch Sun 19-Aug-12 13:46:52

After a few intense weeks of searching, we found a great place in Northfields, just a couple of streets from Fielding Primary. Very excited about the move and getting settled in before DC2 arrives in November -- but loads to do over the next six weeks!

I want to start looking into nurseries (would like DD to start going once or twice a week for a few hours), playgroups, GPs, dentists, etc! Any Northfields-specific advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone here involved in Ealing Transition? I definitely want to be, once we're settled in.

awalk Mon 20-Aug-12 21:01:43

Hi I hope it’s ok if I jump into this message, first visit to mumsnet so not too sure on etiquette.
We are also moving to Ealing, Pitshanger area in Sept/ Oct and would LOVE any tips or insider info on schools/ toddler groups/ kids classes etc.

I'm a stay home mum (and loving it) with a little boy, nearly 4, and a girl 20 months (I know there is an abbreviation for this but I haven’t worked it out yet), hubby’s a 'techie' and would be thoroughly ashamed of this posting.

Because we'll be in Pitshanger I was thinking of North Ealing, St Gregory's or Montpelier primary schools, for 2013, but I have already missed this September’s intake for nursery places. So any recommendations for good private nurseries or pre-schools would be really appreciated. Also keen to hear from anyone who already has a child in any of my preferred schools. Good or bad, it’s a scary decision so I trying to gather as much informed info as possible.

We’re looking at houses tomorrow so I’ll be back online with an update soon.
Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read my message and as an incentive I promise coffee and cake mornings at mine (once we move in) to anyone who answers. I know it sounds desperate but I really do need some help, and would love to make some new friends x

eversomuch Mon 20-Aug-12 21:51:58

Awalk Welcome to MN. You'll get the hang of it and all the abbreviations soon. smile

I really loved the Pitshanger area when we went up there to take a look; it's just a bit too far from the Tube for us. We'll be in Northfields, but I would love to meet up for coffee and cake sometime as I'll also be looking for new friends in the area. DD is 17mo, so close in age to your DD, too.

Have only started researching schools and nurseries, but I know Montpelier was awarded an outstanding OFSTED rating this year and North Ealing is supposed to be quite good, too.

Good luck house hunting tomorrow!

awalk Mon 20-Aug-12 22:16:24

Wow I can’t believe I just got my first reply!!!
I feel like I just joined the 21st century.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Hubby laughed at me for being a sado but now I feel vindicated. You can be my first visitor when we moving in. DD (I'm guessing that means daughter??) really needs some female company as her first word was tractor and she's Thomas the Tank Engine crazy. Not that I'm into gender stereo typing but I don’t think she realises she’s a girl it’s all about the trains in our house.

Northfields is nice, and you're not far from Walpole and Lammas Park which I totally love, plus the best primary school Little Ealing. Lucky you!!!

Have you found any nice toddler groups, drop-ins or music classes yet? x

UptoapointLordCopper Wed 22-Aug-12 07:48:02

We go to Questors Young Musician Club. It's chaotic but fun.

Lulabellarama Thu 23-Aug-12 20:44:41

GP - Elthorne Park Surgery is fab. Particularly Dr Waters who helped me massively with anxiety.
Playgroups - Snips at the church on Mattock Lane is good, if chaotic, and cheap! Jumping Jellybeans is always popular too.
I haven't used a nursery for years, but I had the best childminder in the world, so if you ever need one then PM me and I'll pass on her number.

We left Northfields a couple of months ago because we couldn't afford to buy, but I love it. It's great with kids.

londonmackem Mon 27-Aug-12 23:00:13

Bobsleigh mayfield gardens is great but the school Is not as good as others in the area and you would need to live over the hill towards hanwell station to be in the catchment for hobbayne.
Northfields is lovely but check if you are catchment for little Ealing that you would be able to go to secondary at elthorne rather than action high.
Ealing135 club is great for kids and parents.

bumpertobumper Mon 27-Aug-12 23:07:47

We moved to Hanwell last year, love it here. when exploring check out the old hanwell area. The Fox is a lovely pub and there are lots of good walks along the canal, bluebell wood, along the river to bunny park etc.
Happy house hunting

awalk Tue 28-Aug-12 14:22:42

UptoapointLordCopper, londonmackem, bumpertobumper

Thank you all for the tips and local info. I have looked at them online (where possible), have visited Bunny Park (lovely) and plan to visit all the nurseries/ playgroups once they open again after the summer hols.

I'm not too worried about secondary school catchment yet as my oldest is only 3.

No house yet but hopeful...

bobsleigh Thu 30-Aug-12 21:49:03

Eversomuch great that you found a place. Awalk good luck with the search - I'm a bit confused about where Pitshanger is...? I too will be hoping to start a new network of friends in the area, so keep me posted if you feel the inclination.

Londonmackem thanks for the info on schools - so many things to think about when trying to move, all advice from everyone much appreciated.

Found bunny park, lovely and a definite hit. Need to explore more, though this week DS (17 months) had a major meltdown on the bus home because it took longer than I though and he was knackered...I swear every person on that bus craned their necks to see what the awful mother was doing to her child. Proud to say I managed to completely ignore them all. Must set out earlier next time...!

eversomuch Fri 31-Aug-12 21:38:05

bobsleigh Pitshanger is just north of Ealing Broadway station. Lovely area with a little village and gorgeous park, near Montpelier and North Ealing primary schools. We really liked it but decided it was too far from the Tube. BTW, my DD is also 17mo. smile

Hoping to book in the movers tomorrow for end of September, then will have one month to get settled in before DS arrives in early November. Would definitely like to meet up with others in the area, though, once things settle down for us, so please do keep me in mind if anyone organizes a get-together.

In the meantime, I'm really appreciating all the Ealing area advice, so thank you all!

bobsleigh Sat 01-Sep-12 21:45:18

Thanks eversomuch. Ditto about any get-togethers. Good luck with the planning and packing!

worrymerchant Sun 07-Apr-13 12:44:13

just seen this thread! You have probably moved already, in which case I won't talk about the amazing Pitshanger area - which is only in fact a 15minute walk from E Broadway - but more to the point, I wanted to respond to your question about German schools - again, you probably know this by now, but just in case - there is a German Saturday School that is held at North Ealing Primary School (Pitshanger :-)) on Saturday mornings term time. I would google it or contact the school for further details. Good luck!

eversoW13 Wed 10-Apr-13 11:29:47

Thanks, worry. I actually did not know about the German Saturday School. DD is only 2 and doesn't speak/understand German but maybe we can work on this and think about enrolling her when she's 3.

Ended up in Northfields, btw, but really like the Pitshanger area too.

worrymerchant Wed 10-Apr-13 16:08:36

No problem - just to let you know though that if you are interested in the German school, there is usually a very long waiting list as it is very popular and families from all over send their children there. They start at 3 so if dd is 2 already I would make enquiries sooner rather than later!

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