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Any suggestions about good pre-pre schools in Surbiton Area is highly appreciated

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CalvinsMom Thu 12-Jul-12 10:16:08

Hi all,
My ds is going to be 4 this october, am trying to find a good pre-prep school. I came across so many schools and couldn't decide one of them. Since i moved recently to the area, i don't know anyone to discuss about the schools. I have narrowed down to Surbiton high preprep, claremount fan court, ewell castle (am looking for a co-ed ). please advice me on these schools or any good schools i really missed out.
Thanks in Advance. Your help is highly appreciated.

Annelongditton Tue 24-Jul-12 22:40:21

Co-ed is your problem it does limit your choices. Have you looked at Weston Green? I have DD at SHS Juniors because of the guaranteed 11+place at senior school, but I would never have dreamed of sending DS to the prep. Neither Claremont or Ewell are very academic, so its hard to know what you are looking for.
The best mixed pre/prep in the area is probably Newland House in Teddington, its a fair distance but they run a lot of buses and its a proper very good all round prep school. Alternatively, Rokeby and Holy Cross Prep are next door to each other so work for drop offs etc, they are also both excellent schools. Shrewsbury Lodge takes girls to 7, or you could combine it with Rowans, alternatively Milbourne Lodge in Esher is mixed. Twickenham Prep is another good all round mixed prep, though not as academic as previous schools.
Parents speak well of Linley House which is somewhere in Surbiton, but despite living here I know nothing about it, but it may be worth googling or post on the education section.
There is a shortage of pre-prep places and indeed school state or Indy places in the area.

Good Luck.

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