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Stranger photographing my child in toilets in soft play centre

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Hanny99 Wed 11-Jul-12 21:41:46

Worried!!!! Just found out that at local play centre (colchester) a foreign lady wearing a hood approached my daughter 7 who was alone in toilets and asked if she could take her photo (clothed in school uniform) then asked an older girl who was accompanying her to take photo of the woman with my daughter. Complete stranger. Daughter too embarrassed to say no, in fact my daughter's friend who walked in told her mother later tonight who let us know. NO CCTV at play centre at all we phoned manager asap. we have let police know.. Its hard not to worry that this is sinister.

Strange - and totally normal to think it may have been sinister. When I was in secondary school in the West of Ireland we used to get a lot of American tourists asking me and my friends to take picture of us with them in our uniforms, they found them a novelty. Hopefully something innocent like that?

What age is your DD? Surely the centre would have CCTV at the entrance andexits and maybe outside the toilet door they could check?

EngeldinkHumpabert Wed 11-Jul-12 21:52:10

How weird. What did the manager and the police say?

Hanny99 Thu 12-Jul-12 06:32:43

Police will make enquiries. Manager says that insurers had told him a few years ago that CCTV not necessary. Surely CCTV at entrance should be installed

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