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SarahOffWorld Sun 08-Jul-12 17:30:07

Not really sure where to put this thread,
I am a busy working mum of two young boys and I have been looking online for a meet up group in the Leeds area for people who like sci-fi/fantasy and couldn't find one so thought I might try and set one up.
I love the sci-fi/fantasy genre from books,tv and film and would love to meet up with like minded people.
I recently really wanted to go to the Vampire Diaries convention in Birmingham but couldn't find anyone to go with my OH does not like this kind of stuff and don't really have any friends who do either so thought it would be great to meet up and get connected with people in the same boat so when the next thing comes up I would have someone to go with who really appreciates it.
Anyone else think the same way?Or ideas where to post a group idea would be great

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