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Cleeve House School?

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flute123 Sun 08-Jul-12 11:12:28

Hi..just wondered if anyone had any experience they could share with this school?

crazymum53 Sun 08-Jul-12 19:43:14

Don't have first hand experience, but live just round the corner and know a few families that send their dcs there and some retired staff.
Are you considering it for nursery or reception?

flute123 Sun 08-Jul-12 20:02:26

Thanks for your reply - do the families you know seem positive about it?
We are thinking reception as might not have moved in time for DD to join nursery, but if most children join at that point and we are in Bristol it would be nice for her to go to the nursery there. Are most of the children local to the school?

NoPinkPlease Sun 08-Jul-12 20:05:33

Secondhand info I heard was that if you're paying, you should find somewhere good! And then from someone else that it was fantastic! I know it's traditional - definitely one of those to visit and check it's right for your dc as I think it would some and not others smile

I do think they have v silly uniforms - the costs look huge on the little ones - I live a few hundred yards away so see them all the time.

NoPinkPlease Sun 08-Jul-12 20:06:04

Coats not costs grin

crazymum53 Mon 09-Jul-12 08:28:34

The families I know seem positive about it. There are lots of dcs that live locally - I spot a lot of them walking to school. It is also quite popular with commuters too! The uniform is very old-fashioned (and expensive) and they insist on it even for the smallest nursery pupils. Advantages: very traditional teaching methods, small classes, MFL language teaching (French) from a young age, good extra-curricular activities especially music and dance, very good record with Common Entrance at 11 (the majority of pupils go to independent secondary schools in Bristol at the end of Y6).
Disadvantages: they finish at 3pm (which is earlier than local state schools) and you may have to pay extra for after-school care, they do not have any "green" space so do sports activities at local parks, they do cater for SEN but this may be limited, they have long holidays compared to state schools, some pupils (including 2 families I know) transfer to other independent schools before the end of Y6.
There is a shortage of primary school places in Bristol and this may have increased it's popularity, but the general opinion locally is that Hillcrest primary school is the better school. It's catchment area has shrunk a lot over the past few years. However it does have a very different ethos e.g. no uniform at all.
Moving into the area part way through the year may not be a problem as they seem to have regular Open Days and may have nursery places available.

crazymum53 Mon 09-Jul-12 09:29:25

Need to add that the families that moved their children before Y6 were still happy with the school. One moved their younger child to Junior department of an independent school when their older child started at the Senior school.
Another child moved to go to boarding school.

flute123 Tue 10-Jul-12 18:36:02

Thanks so much for you replies...lots and lots to think about and really helpful! smile
Very interesting re cleeve house v hillcrest - will be visiting them both, along with Torwood House and Clifton High so if you have any other knowledge that would be great! Thanks again

flute123 Tue 10-Jul-12 18:37:48

also, the green space thing...not ideal, but does hillcrest have anything green? I'm a fan of traditional teaching though, and uniforms seem to appeal in this house...older DD fell in love with a school based on its uniform and it took a lot of persuasion to change her mind!

crazymum53 Wed 11-Jul-12 08:32:38

Hillcrest doesn't have a green space within the playground but have spent a lot of money on equipment. They use a local park too. West Town Lane primary school, which has recently expanded to 3 form entry and does have a uniform, has its own on-site green space grounds. Other local state schools such as Knowle Park primary and Victoria Park primary also have a uniform too so the non-uniform is unique to Hillcrest locally. Was really comparing the grounds with primary departments of Clifton High school and Clifton college which do have access to green space nearby.

crazymum53 Fri 27-Jul-12 14:48:15

Update on Cleeve House school has been recently rated as "Good Across All Areas" by OFSTED. This was in the local paper. For more details see OFSTED website.

zagga Fri 21-Nov-14 16:32:39

Hello, I would add that over the past 3 years the number of children have really decreased in this school. There are about half the number that there used to be. Most year groups have about 5 or 6 children. I believe year 2 has only 2 children.

crazymum53 Sat 22-Nov-14 11:06:56

A lot can change in 2 or 3 years zagga.
I don't know which school the OP chose in the end.

zagga Tue 25-Nov-14 09:07:21

Well said Crazymum, the school really has changed. People are voting with their feet.

crazymum53 Wed 26-Nov-14 12:30:27

The state schools have changed as well zagga would recommend anyone moving to Totterdown or Knowle to start a new thread for updated information.

zagga Wed 26-Nov-14 16:29:47

You are right crazymum, St. Mary Redcliffe Primary & Victoria Park school are also now considered good by Ofstead.

jadan123 Fri 28-Nov-14 10:08:07

Knowle Park school is also considered "good". My child goes to Cleve House, let me just say I am not the only parent who is unhappy at the moment and is considering options. You are right Zagga, people are voting with their feet.

Vinny9108 Fri 13-Mar-15 22:58:33

Hi All I Know this is ancient history but I was a Pupil at Cleve House in the late 1950,s / early 1960,s. My teacher was Mrs Ganicotte, I was left handed , she tied my left hand behind my back and all the other children laughed at me. I became and I still am ( I am now in my Late 50,s ) Dyslexic. The memory of my time at this school still haunts me to this Day. I am sure it has changed and Mrs Ganicotte is long gone, Think well before you send your young child to any school, the consequences are very long lasting.

jadan123 Fri 15-May-15 09:05:40

When I drop my child to the school I sometimes do a head count whilst the children are lined up ready to go into school. This term I have never counted more than 40 children in total including the infants & juniors. This is probably something to do with the attitude of the head teachers. I have raised issues for clarification with the heads before, they seem to brush off any queries I have and don't really help me. A number of parents have withdrawn their children based on this unhelpful attitude from the top.

Loppo Tue 08-Sep-15 20:28:58

Hi everyone, I would just like to add my own experience to this thread. Cleve House School, well what can I say, my DD joyfully skips into the school gates every morning and joins her jointly happy class mates. I stand and watch them as they all converse and play happily, waiting for the bell to ring. Once the bell has chimed they line up,eager to see their teacher and head master to start the day. Sounds to good to be true, well it isn't! My DD has had the same feeling about this school since she joined the kindergarten, five years ago. As a working Mum, I am happy as I walk away knowing my DD is well cared for and very well educated each day. Yes the school has reduced in numbers over the years but so has our economy, but thankfully this is back on the up and so are the numbers at Cleve house school. Prep and Year 1 in particular, now have a higher number of children than in previous years. The school is unique and now boast a new Head Master, who has already given the children and parents a unique insight for the positive and fruitful future of Cleve house School. I only have to look at my own DD to know that I would recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about moving their child to a school which provides a nurturing, safe and positive environment for children to develop.

jadan123 Fri 06-Nov-15 16:19:04

Hello. A number of things have changed at this school, notably a change of head master. The previous heads had many short comings, however one thing they really did well was to push all the children academically.

The new head is advertising the school well and clearly is trying to make a success of the school, he has introduced areas where children can take responsibility in the school and has held a number of social events for the children plus we have seen an increase in the number of school trips. In this half term they have had more trips than they had in all of last year.

These changes have come a cost though, gone are the days when children would get homework daily.

Academia seems to be put on the back burner now. There are a number of brilliant private schools in Bristol, QEH & Bristol Grammer School, aka the Premiership, plus Division 1 schools which are less academic. Academically Cleve House may be about to become a Division 1 primary school.

The mass exodus of children has not yet ended current parents are still considering their options.

jadan123 Tue 11-Oct-16 09:17:22

Hello. Just as an update, the exodus of children has not ended. The current year 5 + 6 merged class has only one child from year 5. Clearly there is no investment in staff or training. The school is still on its knees. The new head of the school has not made the impact we all hoped for. Last July at least 3 children left the junior section prior to year 6 and now I believe there are less than 20 children from years 3-6.

givemeaclue Tue 11-Oct-16 19:27:53

Gosh I am surprised it is still going! To be honest it's never nbeen premier league, first division or even second division as a school choice. I wonder why people still send their children there, perhaps children who need an extremely small class. Where do they go to school for secondary?

gloucesterroadgirl Sun 30-Oct-16 10:53:06

I looked round it a couple of years ago for my two and they offered two for the price of one. Smacked a bit of desperation to me.

user1479228519 Tue 15-Nov-16 17:28:29

My 2 sons attend Cleve House school & I couldn't be happier! The school is thriving under the leadership of the new headmaster & far from 'on its knees ' I don't understand how someone could comment about their child's school in such a detrimental manner.
The school has had its biggest intake in reception for years! Surely making comments like this will steer people away making the situation you claim the achy to be in worse?

The teachers are amazing & so dedicated to all of the children. The classes are small but isn't that what you would expect in an independent school? For me that was a major selling point!

Yes the school doesn't have ALL of facilities that the likes of BGS / QEH / Clifton College has but then the fees reflect this! However the school is always making investments. Notably a brand new mini bus delivered this week. The school has also make improvements in library/ IT and sports facilities. Not to mention a lovely kind & family like environment that can't be quantified.

We have a vibrant PTA who organises many lovely events that the pupils benefit from, discos, party's, quiz nights, fetes to name a few.

The school regularly organises varied and interesting trips as well as a residential trip for the junior school which was a great hit this summer. Clubs are varied & include cookery, choir and journalism.

My sons benefit from varied music & drama lessons as well as FREE weekly swimming lessons!

I rarely post on these forums as I believe they can have a negative impact on small businesses & are more often than not based on opinion & not fact. If you are considering sending your child to Cleve House I would strongly suggest that you come in & meet the new headmaster, look around the school & see if it would be the best school for your child. It's far from 'on its knees' and I feel passionately that this is a great school. My sons are so happy as are the majority of the parents that send their children here.

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