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Olympic torch relay

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Dancergirl Tue 03-Jul-12 22:35:01

Is anyone going to watch the Olympic torch relay in St Albans on Sunday? Where is the best place to stand? I imagine parking will be terrible so we thought we might get the bus from around Radlett/Park Street. Does anyone know which bus from there?

chuckeyegg Wed 04-Jul-12 07:53:15

I don't really know the buses, you could get the train from Park Street. The abbey flyer brings you to opposite the park and you could just walk through the park and the torch is going up Blue House Hill the other side of the park, Blue house Hill is quite a long road and you are likely to get a viewing spot.

That way you would avoid any traffic too.

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 06-Jul-12 11:27:26

No idea about buses, sorry. I just wanted to say not to go to Bluehouse hill as the flame won't be visible to the public once it's on its way to Hemel so you wouldn't see it from there. It's basically visible along the A1057 (Hatfield Rd) which changes into Folly Lane and the last section of Verulam Rd. I hope it doesn't pour with rain!

juneau Fri 06-Jul-12 11:28:33

We're going, but it passes the end of our street, so I'm afraid I'm no help with logistics. We'll just go out half an hour or so before it arrives and hope for a glimpse as it passes by. It'll probably be raining ...

chuckeyegg Fri 06-Jul-12 12:30:59

Thanks GreatGooglyMoogly I read it was going along bluehouse hill but it didn't say it was in the convoy. I was going to see it there. I'll try and get to Verulam road. Good job you saw this I would have been disappointed. smile

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