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Neville's Cross and the city centre with a child?

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PereCheval Mon 02-Jul-12 12:56:50

Hello everyone,

Having just found a lovely house to move to in the Neville's Cross area (15-20mins walk from the city centre via Clay Lane), I am curious about what children's groups and preschools there are in the area, and within walking distance in the city. So I'd be grateful if anyone who lives around there and has/had a toddler could give an insight into where one would take a three-year-old to have fun. My wife will be doing a lot of the childcare and is especially worried about being lonely, so it would be good to know that there are places she can take our daughter and also meet other parents herself (bearing in mind that she doesn't drive).

On the same topic, I haven't been able to work out exactly what the preschool options are around the NC area. Does anyone have recommendations? Many many thanks!

classicwahine48 Sun 22-Jun-14 19:33:39

Hello, I know this post was from 2 years ago but I'm now finding myself in your same situation (even including taking Clay Ln to get to the city centre!). I was hoping you could share the knowledge you must have learned having lived there for a couple years now. Thanks.

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