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Lynx14 Sun 01-Jul-12 21:25:48


We're hoping to move to Queens Park/Kensal Rise (specifically the avenues area) & I wonder of anyone can fill me in on local primary's in the area? None of the ofsted's are particularly good, but they are a couple of years old...
Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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luckywinner Thu 06-Sep-12 19:29:49

I don't know if this too late but Malorees is the one lots of people like, but think it has a small catchment area. Salusbury is in special measures, I think it was forced into that by the parents, but not sure. Princess Fredericas is good but CofE, and you need to go to church to get in.

Dawntreader Mon 24-Sep-12 23:54:03

salusbury is in special measures as Ofsted came back to inspect in Feb (having last inspected and graded it only satisfactory a couple of years earlier) and found that it hadn't improved aand in some ways had gone backwards. Gave it shocking report and put it in special measures. many parents love the school community but lamented the leadership (gone as of June) and the failure to respond to concerns but academic and administrative. However Special measurs means it should get support and attention and should turn around fairly quickly. It has v committed parent group so with good leadership could improve very rapidly.

naomi1234 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:30:52

Hi, The Avenues has got a great primary school, Queen's Park Primary. The 3-year-old OFSTED isn't great, but my child, who is now in Year 3, is gifted in maths, has a reading age of 10 and is about a year ahead in everything else, has been there since Reception and has flourished there. They have just been OFSTED-ed, and it should get a good OSTED report (we'll know in a couple of weeks). It has outpeformed both Westminster and all English schools in the performance league tables and last summer we got a letter from the Department of Education saying our Year 6 results were among the top 4% of all schools in England. It's a lovely school, they have a Shakespeare festival every year, all the children have individual learning targets.....happy to answer any other questions. If you're in the Avenues, you won't get into Salisbury, and it might be popular, but its OFSTEDs haven't gone above Satisfactory for years. Our OFSTED before last was good, and I honestly think the last one must have been a blip, because the school have been so on the ball with my child's "above average" needs, and he has loads of friends and playdates. Some middle-class parents are put off because there's a large number of EAL kids, but they all speak English, lots of EAL parents are also middle-class and very aspirational around their children's education, and I think having friends whose parents come from other cultures is a bonus.

Beleaguredparent Thu 27-Jun-13 16:39:58

Queens Park Primary, I have friends with children there and they have been really pleased with it all the way through

IsaNaidoo Mon 04-Dec-17 11:02:50

Hi there, sorry to be so late on replying but just in case anyone else searches for schools I did want to reply with info on Bevington primary school too. I am a mother of three children at the school. All of them have been there since nursery (my eldest is now in his last year) and have thrived. I am a governor there and trying to increase our profile in the community (helped also now by another set of outstanding academic results - top 1% of the country!). The new (ish) head has brought fresh vision and direction to the school. The facilities are good with a great balance of extra curricular activity alongside the core lessons. I am always happy to answer any questions folks may have. Hope this helps

demehari Fri 22-Dec-17 01:42:57

Hi IsaNaidoo,

It looks like Bevington is quite far out from the catchment area of QueensPark and a different borough. Is there a general policy? on the website there is no previous year admission examples to check the distance or other criteria of accepted kids. Any info would be very useful.
Thanks in advace

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