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Green Gables Montessory Nursery - Any comments?

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FlicB Fri 22-Jun-12 11:10:34

I am thinking about enrolling my son at Green Gables Montessori in Wapping for 3 days a week when I go back to work in August - he will be nearly 13 months. Does anyone have any experience of this nursery or any advice on any other nurseries in the area? Because I am only going back part time I have gone off the idea of a nanny as I think a nursery might give Eddy a different experience to being at home with me but it's difficult to find the right place. Any tips or words of advice would be really appreciated! Thanks x

SilverSixpence Sun 12-Aug-12 14:12:19

DS is at the school now (aged 4) and started at the nursery when he was 13 months. The staff were lovely, very caring and I always felt he was well looked after. I think there are different staff in the baby room now but it is a really nice environment for the little ones. Food is also very good, healthy organic meals which are prepared on site with plenty of fresh fruit available. The only difficulty we had was with getting there in time for 6pm which resulted in a £70 fine on one occasion! But if is is not a problem then I would definitey recommend it. There have been some staff changes recently (the head left) but does t seem to have affected things for the children. PM if any specific questions.

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