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faringdon moving

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natnet Wed 20-Jun-12 18:26:03

Hi if anyone has any thoughts on living in faringdon... or maybe living on folly park view... would be a great help. We are looking at a wide area from Wantage to Newbury on the A34??

lozwp Thu 19-Jul-12 14:44:48

Hi...I think I have just privately messaged you about Wantage lol.

I have just accepted a job in Faringdon. I don't know much about the place to be honest, but we have just been to see 2 nurseries there. One of them, imo, wasn't very nice, but the other was amazing: lovely atmosphere, very flexible for hours, very reasonable price and did pick ups from local schools for after-care. Definitely the best nursery I have ever come across and I have just filled out a form for my littlest to go there in September.

We drove through the town and stopped for a coffee. It seemed quite quiet, but it was 4pm on a weekday afternoon to be fair, but it had quite a nice feel to it. I noticed it had a tourist information centre which might be worth contacting?

If you want to compare it to Wantage, from the little I know about them, I would say Faringdon is a lot smaller and quieter.

Hope that very little bit of information helps.

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