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Any good soft play places in TW?

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MDM Mon 11-Jun-12 21:52:22

We're relatively new, do still exploring!

Shivs1974 Mon 11-Jun-12 22:58:03

Minor Mania in Bells Yew Green
Wear 'm' out in Tonbridge
Gyminis at TW Sports Centre-lasts for 2 hrs-ish. Can't recall times as my dds are at school.
There's also somewhere in Edenbridge but can't remember its name
Welcome to TW!

mycatoscar Tue 19-Jun-12 20:47:35

Manic monsters in edenbridge and ourspace in high brooms, tunbridge wells. Welcome to the area.

catinboots Tue 19-Jun-12 20:49:03

Wear m out at tonbridge

Georgina600 Thu 20-Dec-12 11:13:37

This place is a God send, and compared to the overpriced play centres north of the M25 it’s really good value.
The play area is well suited to both toddler and bigger kids as their respective areas are well separated by the seating area.
The adult food is really good, and freshly prepared, whilst the children’s food is a mixture of things and chips as well as healthy pasta dishes.
I go loads and my toddler really enjoys the term time Tuesday Football games as well as the Thursday Craft Club.
The staff run these with enthusiasm, look out for Mini and Lee who both welcome me and my children by name.

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