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Dance classes for 2 year olds?

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LizziePizzie Thu 07-Jun-12 22:48:25

Any one know of any good dance classes for 2 year olds? Is this too young?

Littlewinnipeg Thu 07-Jun-12 23:40:57

If you are based just South of Cambridge, The Stephanie Prior School of Dance in Royston has a lovely class called Mini Movers. There are two sessions, one on Monday morning and the other on Monday afternoon. The class gives nursery rhymes a modern twist as well as introducing modern music with lots of groovy moves. The children learn little routines and each week a new move too. My DC loved it! They started when they were just two years old and it gave them enormous confidence.

Providing they enjoy is never too young to have fun with music. Good luck in your search.

LizziePizzie Fri 08-Jun-12 09:48:55

Thank you - I will check it out!

Huttie Sat 07-Jul-12 11:32:11

Try Jigsaw Dance Studio at Stretham, have many classes for youngsters. They say they will take them from 2.5 years but I now they take them younger.

LJB1974 Thu 06-Sep-12 22:35:50

Saffron School of Dance has a toddler class on a Thursday morning at 1030am for 45 minutes.

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