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just moved to Tunbridge Wells. pls pls babysitter / handymen / playgroups etc recommendations

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bbface Wed 06-Jun-12 13:45:09

Hi, I have just moved to TW with my 21 month old DS.

I do not know anyone and have no history here, so completely blind when it comes to good:
-local babysitters
-playgroups / softplay / playgrounds etc
- restaurants / coffee shops

i would be so grateful if anyone could guide me on TW. i am interested in any recommendations. A babysitter is particularly urgent however.

Thanks so much,

PanicMode Wed 06-Jun-12 17:20:05

Welcome to TW!

We use Sitters - all of them are childcare workers, all are CRB checked and we've never had a problem with anyone. It's not the cheapest way of doing it, but it works for us as we can always get someone.

Whereabouts in TW are you? Best bet is probably to head to teh library and pick up a copy of The Grapevine or Family Interest magazine - which are free, and list all of the playgroups and classes etc.

Soft play - Our Space by High Brooms Station, Minor Mania in Frant, Wear m Out in Tonbridge, and I think there's one in Edenbridge (?) but haven't been.....

TW itself is chock full of coffee shops - Juliets in the village is a lovely place and I love the flat white in Pigwidgeon and Pye - but there are some lovely independents on Camden Road too.....

bbface Wed 06-Jun-12 20:13:02

Thanks so much.

Any thoughts on nurseries?

Really appreciate it. Don't know where to start!

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