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Any local Mummies in Formby/Southport area (or is it just me;-)

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astons8mummy Mon 04-Jun-12 22:46:42

I'd actually start to think that i'm alone up here in wanting to make new mummy mates, as i must of been to everything from Zumba (1st session nearly killed me lol) to play sessions at local Surestart getting covered in Cake Icing and Finger Paints (altho not at the same time thanx god) and still i've only ever made 1 good friend up here since moving 6mths ago. I'd love my children to make friends to meet outside nursery - i have 3 boys 4 & under - but miss having Girly time too and don't want my life to revolve solely around them either.. only i haven't found anyone else up for it around these parts;-(

If you do happen to live around Formby/Southport (only cos i cant drive and think its prob best for those who do hehe) get in touch - i'm really chatty so you're ears may take time getting use to me, i'm very open and honest (so not for everyone) and have a passion for Cake! Im happy to meet up with the children, just as much as i'm good to watch a movie indoors or grab a drink watching local Acoustic crowd.

red19catherine82 Thu 07-Jun-12 18:03:52

Not alone! I went to loads of different groups when on mat leave but only made a couple of friends I have stayed in touch with. If you are free in Monday there are a group of mums and mums to be meeting up at the new Cup and Cake cafe in Formby from around 2pm. Popped in this morning and it looked amazing with a little play area for toddlers and

red19catherine82 Thu 07-Jun-12 18:43:43

Sorry about that, messaging on the train and accidentally hit post ;-) Meant to say they have a little play area for toddlers and the cakes look delicious! It would be great to see you if you can make it. I run the group for the Southport, Formby & Ormskirk branch of the NCT but I live in Formby and have a little one James who is 18 months and we are always looking for new play fellows.

Catherine x

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