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Dunblane High School - 2 kids starting in August - anyone else?

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pinkje Tue 29-May-12 13:11:00

We are a family of 5 moving to Dunblane in July. We haven't lived in Scotland for 5 years and know no-one with school age children currently attending Dunblane High School. I wondered if there was anyone else new to the area with children due to start secondary.

My son is 11 and will start first year, my daughter, 13, will start in third year. My other son will start Newton primary in P5.

We're moving at the end of July so would love to make contact with other families before the start of term.

wigglybeezer Tue 29-May-12 23:00:45

Hi there pinkie, I see you made the decision about Dunblane then (you messaged me about it under my old name last year). Good luck, I 'm sure your kids will soon find new friends ( they are of ages with my three DS's but as you know I don't live in Dunblane anymore!).
Which bit of Dunblane are you moving to?

pinkje Wed 30-May-12 09:49:27

Hi Wiggly - is it the norm for MNers to change their names? Am quite new to the etiquette of postings on here so maybe I shouldn't write too much personal stuff......mind you, to answer your question, we're moving to the Barbush area into rented but hoping, once we sell our current house, to buy nearer the centre.

Going to visit the school next week so I'm sure to pick up some useful information.

wigglybeezer Wed 30-May-12 14:55:30

That's behind my parents house ( they live on the Perth road), it was all fields in my day, i used to ride ponies and sledge there!

I only changed my name because I had the same user name on various different forums.

amck5700 Wed 06-Jun-12 18:30:03

I have a son starting in first year in August. He is a placing request so didn't attend a Dunblane primary school. He is shy and isn't going to his catchment high because of some bullying issues, but he has been to some transition events at Dunblane High school and loves it! He has made some new friends already and can't wait to start there! I am sure your kids will settle in fine - they seem like a nice bunch of kids from what I see and hear. p.s. i would make sure you get your uniform order in to make sure that they are sorted for starting. Where are you moving from and when do you move in?

pinkje Sat 09-Jun-12 23:17:59

Hi there amck, glad to hear your son is looking forward to it. We are in Scotland just now and visited the school on Thursday and had a good feel for the place. And we already have the uniform! We went the next day to pick some up.

My boy is nervous - I think I'll need to spend all the summer holidays getting him some contacts. He's bright enough to realise that although they'll mix up the new starts, just about everyone will have a friend in their class. This will be hard on me emotionally on top of the move (from Amsterdam in July, BTW).

amck5700 Sun 10-Jun-12 00:25:12

My boy is going with his best friend from school but no others, they are however in different classes - my son is in 1K2 - does your son know which class he will be in yet? Honestly, both he and his friend are really quiet - mainly the reason that they are placing requests as they have both had bother at primary from the other kids (they are a bit geeky and into computers, mainly minecraft/skyrim type games and are in a school where being good at football is pretty much all that most of the kids are interested in). However, they have both enjoyed the transition events and are excited about going to high school. I am hesitant to arrange a meet up at the moment as these forced things don't tend to come off very well and if they are not in the same class or interested in the same things it would be a bit pointless. Definitely keep in touch though and if it seems worth it we could maybe arrange for the kids to meet up over the summer. I also have an almost 11 year old who we hope to get into Dunblane next year but we have a bit less of a case for getting a space as he does not have the same reasons to get away from the rest of his class.

Dunblane does have a youth club and Scouts and Boys Brigade as well as a skate park where he could meet people. If you give me an idea of your kids interests, i could maybe see what I can find out form people I know who live in Dunblane. We live in Stirling not far from the Bridge of Allan border.

If you need any local info then feel free to ask away grin)

Everything i have heard about the school is positive and the kids do seem really well behaved coming out of school when i have gone to pick my son up.

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