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Poplar Primary

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OhSheesh Thu 24-May-12 13:15:08

Hello lovely Merton Ladies!

Does anyone know anything about Poplar Primary School? We live in Merton Park and my ds is due to start school next year. I think Merton Park is our closest but I strongly doubt we have any chance of getting in! So this would probably be our next option. I would welcome any insight that anyone could give!


MrTumblesCrackWhore Wed 13-Jun-12 10:15:04

I've heard Poplar has gone downhill in recent years but I have no direct experience of it. Hillcross school (Ashridge way) is Ofsted Outstanding.

pollmeister Wed 18-Jul-12 13:18:16

My daughter goes to Hillcross reception which wasnt even 1 of my original choices and I was sniffy about it at first. Despite having to drive there I now cant recommend it highly enough.

merrymonsters Tue 31-Jul-12 23:26:37

My children aren't at Poplar, but everyone I know there is happy with it.

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