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Moving to Monks Risborough...

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lilolil81 Mon 21-May-12 18:00:56

Hey, I'm relocating to the south somewhere around Aylesbury/High Wycombe as my sister is in Twyford and my brother is in Stevenage so I want to be able to visit both and have no idea about what the areas are like apart from the odd crime stats etc. on Google. I have found a property in Monks Risborough but want to know more about the place... Schools, crime etc. as I have a 10 year old daughter and want to be in an area suitable for her. Any info would be a huge help!!

JennySmithAuthor Thu 24-May-12 06:06:02

Hello! So glad to find you! Am also house hunting in Monks Risborough and have an 11 year old boy and 12 year old boy going to the AGS (boys grammar in Aylesbury) so would be great to know you as a fellow newbie if you do move there. Re the area it is lovely. Monks Risborough is the quiet end of Princes Risborough. There are parts of Princes Risborough slightly rough but that's the other side from Monks Risborough. We are also considering the village of Longwick which is close to Risborough and has a friendly community feel. Still checking out Monks Risborough before make final decision so I will share what else I find out!

JennySmithAuthor Thu 24-May-12 06:10:05

Also have you decided on a school because Bucks has the whole grammar issue whereas Oxon just over the border doesn't. A great non grammar school in Bucks is the Wendover one. Also some kids go to Lird Williams school in Thame tho they live in Longwick or Risborough it has v good results and for your daughters cohort the catchment quite wide worth checking out. Don't know much about the school in Risborough and it's results but know Lord W in Thame and the Wendiver school both excellent.

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