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Anyone Local free for coffee or playdates over the summer?

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Debeez Thu 10-May-12 14:30:02

Hello, I noticed this board is quiet so I'm hoping there are still some visitors!

I'm moving up from North East England over the summer with my partner and 8 year old son. The relocation is due to my partners new job and although we're very excited we don't know anyone in the local area.

Was hoping to maybe get chatting to some people who already live in the area with a view to maybe a coffee or a playdate. Also interested in any local groups for myself or my son which would help us make friends within the community.


Macdog Sat 26-May-12 09:00:01

Hi there!
Where are you moving to?
I live in Kilwinning, and have a 6yo dd.

Debeezandbirds Sat 26-May-12 15:13:02

We're going to be in Kilmarnock centre by the look of it, my son is 8. grin

irvinemum Sun 27-May-12 22:40:25

hi deb i moved up 7 years ago from down south i have a lively happy 6 year girl we are in Kilmarnock every Saturday due swimming class etc I,m sure your son will have lots to do as their are lots of clubs 4 children and your find their cheap as well and their great walking and cycle routes as well good lucky with your move Angie

Macdog Mon 28-May-12 09:37:35

Kilmarnock is pretty good for things to do.
I'd be happy to meet up with you for coffees and chats!
I'm about 40 mins away by bus, so no probs there grin

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