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Primary School Help!!!

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clmurray2000 Tue 08-May-12 17:15:10

Hi there,

I was soooo late in getting my daughters application for school in that now Russell Street School which she currently attends within its nursery is full. I live in Stony Stratford and have applied to the local villiage schools - Old Stratford, Cosgrove and Pottersbury.

The only problem is they are with Northants and i'm under Milton Keynes, even though they're no more than 3 miles up the road from me.

Any ideas what my chances are of being given a place or even being considered?

Any advice will be appreciated, i feel so guilty that i have missed this very important deadline.... long story!!! :'(

Thank you in advance.

GoldenSnitch Wed 09-May-12 21:59:09

No idea I'm afraid but bumping in the hope that someone who can help will.

I did have 1 friend who didn't get into her chosen school and had to go into the clearing system. I know it took ages and she was still looking when we were all buying uniform but she is happy now and both she and her Son love his new school.

Hope it all goes well for you

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