Guitar lessons for kids - glasgow city centre/west end

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WestEndGuitar Mon 08-Oct-18 09:57:04

Guitar Lessons in the West End, Bearsden and Milngavie home tuition is available by me, Paul. I run the busiest, best reviewed most renowned guitar lessons for children in the city. For 15 years I have taught children from almost every schools in Bearsden, the West End and Milngavie.

PLease check out my website for more info at

Many thanks, Paul

Meju1980 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:34:52

My brother sends his kids here: TrueTone Guitar Lessons Glasgow

Quite expensive, but the teacher is great with the kids, and he puts this lessons on his website so they know what to practice afterwards.

weeonion Thu 12-Jul-12 15:14:25

thanks timrous

TimrousBeastie Fri 06-Jul-12 15:26:04

TimrousBeastie Fri 06-Jul-12 15:25:19

just seen that the new soft play in clydebank has guitar lessons on wednesdays under their activities tab.

might not be much help but thought i'd pass it on.

weeonion Tue 03-Jul-12 16:49:09

also looking for a recommendation for a good teacher who is disclosure checked!

jessieslassoo Sat 05-May-12 00:04:51

DD has taken a real interest in learning the guitar after having a few taster lessons in school.

Quick google brings up loads of people/places all varying a fair bit in price, so was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of anyone/anywhere?

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