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Nurseries in South Woodford

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Keeleyq Thu 03-May-12 12:32:39

Hi, I have a 7 week old son and prior to now never quite realised how in advance you need to put their name down for a nursery.
I am hoping to go back to work in January after 9 months off and contacted our chosen nursery to put his name down... only to be told that the waiting list is now 2 years. When we viewed the nursery in Jan we were told just 6 months wait.
Does anyone have any views on the local nurseries or experiences that they can share... am starting to panic somewhat which is crazy when I think that my little one is only 7 weeks old.
Thanks, Keeley

watersign76 Wed 09-May-12 22:03:56


SW is the place of waiting lists...for everything child related. If you want swimming lessons, now is the time to get your name down too.

Firstly, I would keep on at the nursery, from my knowledge waiting lists aren't always as long as they say. I think it helps "the industry" to foster the idea that there lots of demand.

My DS has had an enjoyable time at Kids Inc, which might be the one you are looking at.

I also know parents that have been happy with Woodlands. Fullers Rd is nice, but only takes them from 2.

I don't know any nurseries that have a bad rep around here. I went on gut feel after seeing a few....

Not sure if that helps.

Hope you find somewhere.


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