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New island community school - register your interest!

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Flossie5 Wed 02-May-12 14:11:04

I'm starting a new thread following on from my previous, as I think it's important that any of you who have concerns about the current secondary education offering on the island, register your interest in the proposed new island community school. Things have moved on since previous failed attempts at alternatives (due to the three tier system issue apparently). So it's essential that you register your interest on their FaceBook page, as well as emailing them with any other particular information, as they are currently trying to gauge what the interest is, to see if it's viable. Also comment to them on preferred location (lack of schools in the South & West Wight has been expressed by a number of people).

They apparently put a small ad in the County Press, as well as the feature on Ventnor Blog, which I saw, so I'm highlighting it here as well (although do not know how many people are part of this local site).

New website:

So please register interest (if it does appeal of course!) and spread the word, so that there's a chance that it can go to the next stage. grin

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