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Wanstead vs South Woodford - advice needed!

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lambinapram Sat 28-Apr-12 17:47:24

We are thinking of moving to either Wanstead or South Woodford this year. We need to be on the central line for work. My Daughter is 2 so we need to take schools into consideration (preferably secondary school as well). She is baptised but we are non practicing catholics. We would have around 450K to spend, but could stretch a bit further than that. We would be looking at a 3+ bed house with possibility to extend in the future.

Does any one have any thoughts/experiences with these areas? I've had a look on rightmove & been to visit both areas but obviously its not the same as living there on a day to day basis. Thanks for any advice you can give!

I posted this earlier in property, apologies for double post!

Keeleyq Thu 03-May-12 12:36:53

I live in South Woodford and used to live in Wanstead.. if there's any local knowledge I can share just let me know.
I too travel in to work on the Central line, Wanstead and South Woodford are on different parts of the line... you need an Epping train for SW and a Hainult train for Wanstead... you do tend to get more trains coming from Hainult on the line and typically have a better journey as the Epping trains are so few and far apart and always packed.

Midi Thu 03-May-12 21:44:21


I have lived in Wanstead for 5 years now and love it. South woodford is bigger than Wanstead. Wansteads high street is lovely. Ive got a 7 month old baby and it's a lovely place to being up a child. The only downside is that it could come across a bit snobby in Wanstead, but if you can see past that it really is a lovely safe place to live. With snares brook tube as well it's great for links to London, I used to take it in turns walking to Wanstead tube if it was raining and snares brook tube during the summer.

lambinapram Mon 07-May-12 12:02:00

Thank you both - very helpful!

watersign76 Wed 09-May-12 22:12:26

They are both very nice. I would say that Wanstead maybe has more of a villagely feel with the green an all, but that is then reflected in the property prices. I live in SW.

You will prob get more for your money in SW slightly. The main bit of Wansted is typically more expensive, £450K might not buy you a decent sized 3 bed house....Parking can be a 'mare too in the more built up bit of Wanstead, lots of yellow lines. South Woodford has resident permits near the station.

The primary schools in Wanstead are fairly limited if you don't want Church schools and the Church schools are hard to get into I believe. I think Aldersbrook, Snaresbrook Primary and Nightingale are the main state ones, the last one is now outstanding so it fairly over subscribed, I know fairly local people that haven't got in this year.

There are plenty of good private schools if that is of interest.

Both are nice, go with your gut feel.

Good luck.

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