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Looking for Mummy friends!

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Snowy82 Thu 26-Apr-12 18:51:35


I am moving to Telford next week. I'd love to make some new friends and also some little friends for my daughter who is 3 xxx

NicholasTeakozy Fri 27-Apr-12 14:21:34

Hello Snowy, which bit of Teflon are you moving to? It's a pretty big town divided into lots of smaller areas, so for instance, someone from Madeley might never meet someone from Shawbirch. Having said that, someone from Shawbirch might not meet someone else from Shawbirch.

yassy19 Mon 07-May-12 08:56:14

Hi Snowy
I am also very new to Telford having moved from Sheffield.
I am expecting my first child on June 16th.
Would love to make some friends around here

lannyshrops Wed 15-Aug-12 09:26:07

I live in Shifnal, have lived here for a while but would love to make some new friends, especially with a little one on the way! Feeling very excited but a bit nervous at times about how it's all going to be and would love some 'mummy' friends to share this with who live close by! x

beataa Mon 20-Aug-12 10:56:23

Hi Ladiessmile) I have 8 weeks old baby boy and live in Donnington, near Clocktower in Muxtonsmile if anyone wants to meet up or go for a walk togethersmile)

Nicky85 Thu 01-Nov-12 18:45:42

Hi I live in Donnington. I have a 10 week old boy (first child)

Clunmumpluschickenspompom Fri 16-Nov-12 11:46:01

Local MN-rs there are lots of lovely toddlers groups in the surrounding villages - I am south shrops so thinking specifically of Clun (thurs am), Newcastle (wed am) etc. It can seem pretty isolating out in the sticks but you aren't alone...

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