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Newbie starting again

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josiekmpy Tue 24-Apr-12 18:14:55

HI All,
I am new to this and feel new overall,i moved to northampton in december 11 as my husband works here,I left my job behind to start anew by filling my time as housewife,mum to two gorgeaus children of 15 and 12.I like it here we live in a lovely area and the children have settled really easily,considering my eldest was mid options,however its taking time for me to adjust,ive gone from a fast pace of life with stress,ie work,being mum,housewife,to being housewife/homemaker,dont get me wrong i wouldnt change it i love being at home baking,being there for my husband and children but i do miss having girley conversations and a good gossip.I also fill my time by doing online surveys so im in the house pretty much most of the day so have decided to take up jogging,it of routine helps lol anyway without waffling on i was wondering if there were any similar mums/housewives/homemakers like me out there as i still feel guilty for not working i would love to hear from you all xxxxxxxx

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