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Living in Greenwich

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holywood Tue 17-Apr-12 13:12:36

Could anyone give me some advice as to areas of Greenwich? My son is coming over from Belfast to work in Canary Wharf for a year. Every estate agent tells me something different! Ive been told to avoid the deptford link end by one, another told me to avoid east greenwich, as too far from DLR! I looked on googlemaps and its a mile to north greenwich tube, is it a safe walk?
The deptford link tube is really close to a development called se0ne8 but Ive been told to avoid here especially at night. Does any one know this area or around Azof Street at the east side. Im going to fly over a have a look but need some guidance! Thanks

Eggs Mon 23-Apr-12 10:52:34

I moved here from Ireland 6 months ago and love it. It depends what your son is looking for, does he have children, therefore schools are important etc.

SheepsEyes Mon 23-Apr-12 18:49:54

Lots of buses run into North Greenwich so many areas within easy reach.

If he is looking for a nice lively area try Blackheath or Greenwich (cutty sark DLR area). Charlton is cheap and nice- and quite easy to get to tube from there. Most of Greenwich is safe and nice- but yeah Deptford is not lovely, and Lewisham can be dodgy in parts.

Go to Nestoria and then you can search properties on a map view- which makes life ever so much easier!

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay Mon 30-Apr-12 15:21:11

I don't know if you are still looking for information, but the estate agent who told your son to avoid East Greenwich clearly does not know the area.

If you are at Canary Wharf, the main thing is to be near the tube or the DLR. Or the river boat if you are loaded and like a scenic route! Personally I prefer the tube, as it's only one stop. It's a bit of a trek to North Greenwich tube from East Greenwich - and not a particularly beautiful one - but it's safe. It's just the pavements alongside busy roads all the way, so most people prefer to get the bus. There are two bus stops on Blackwall lane where all passing buses take you to the station. 5 minute wait would be average (though you get the odd freak 15 minute gap which has us moaning for days!).

The DLR is ok, but the Greenwich stations are near the pricey bits of town - except maybe those flats out towards Deptford (can't remember the name), which personally seem less attractive to me than Millennium Village.

Azof Street is fine. You'd be close to one of the bus stops I mentioned. Trafalgar Road looks a bit run down, but is pretty safe and has useful shops - Co-Op, Dominoes, various other takeaways.

How old is your son, if you don't mind me asking? Somewhere in the new(ish) Millennium Village might suit him if he's young and likely to be out at central London bars/clubs/at friends in other parts of London a lot. It's a shorter walk to the tube and new flats, so low stress!

I live in the area, but don't want to say toooo much on here, so feel free to PM me if I can help at all.

KellyElly Thu 28-Jun-12 14:41:43

I live in Millennium Village and it's a lovely place to live and very convenient for the tube.

citymum1 Wed 17-Oct-12 14:27:55

Hello Greenwich mums! We are considering buying a house in Greenwich because we can't really afford to buy where we currently live in West London. I have heard Greenwich is very family friendly but to be honest I don't really know the area very well. I came across this thread while trying to look for reviews on Greenwich so thought I'd tag on my questions here as well. We have a 3-year old who will go to primary school in 2014. Been looking at school reviews and Halstow Primary seems to be the best state primary in the area but is in "East Greenwich". Is this part just as nice as the areas closer to the park (which I'm quite familiar with and absolutely love)? Any mums out there with children at Halstow Primary that could give me some more inside details about the school that I can't quite see on Ofsted reports?

s0uld Fri 19-Jul-13 20:53:37

Hi everyone,
We will be relocating to London by the end of this month and need to look up a place to rent but have a few things(quite a few actually) to consider:
1.) DS is 10 and DD is 5.7 years so need to look place really close to good state primaries -also walking distance as we won't be having a car.

2.) DH will be commuting to canary wharf everyday so it needs to be close to the dlr/train station .

3.) must be a safe area to walk around as I will be on my own to run errands and go out with kids on weekdays at least.
(I do understand going out after dark isn't very safe anywhere in London :/ )

4.) also want a place that has easy access like a 5-10 minutes max walk to a tesco,asda or a nice not very expensive grocery store.

5.)a nice park /play area for kids nearby.

6.)and last but not the least we are going to be tight on budget to rent initially so want a 2 bedroom flat within £900 -1000 max or less per month.(checked on rightmove so I know that's kind of possible :p)

Seems like a long list but Any advice or suggestion to help find a suitable place will be much appreciated. You may suggest areas other than Greenwich. I Like Sutton ,Surrey a lot as well but not sure about commute n transport cost from there to canary wharf each month and also like some areas in Kent like tunswell,tonbridge,sidcup,chislehurst ..advice?!
Thanx in advance!

greenwichghost Fri 13-Sep-13 22:30:55

Think you would be very hard pressed to find a decent family rental in Greenwich for £900 a month. Kent would be cheaper, is greener and the schools are much better but obviously the commute would be longer and more expensive. I think Tunbridge Wells to London Bridge is about 50 minutes - tonbridge cheaper, quicker and slightly less expensive still. Sidcup, Chislehurst a little soulless imho compared to Greenwich.
hope that helps...

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