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Baby Massage Courses - looking for venue or can travel to parents' houses!

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mammanetta Wed 11-Apr-12 20:20:14


I moved to the area with my DH and 4 yo DD a year ago and qualified as an International Association of Infant Massage instructor ( last year.
I previously worked as a physiotherapist for many years.
I am currently looking for good-value venues from which to hold 5 week baby massage courses, though with the recent recession and funding cuts this isn't proving too easy any ideas/suggestions much appreciated!
I can also offer courses to groups of mums/dads who want to organise a group course from their own house (eg: an NCT group).
The I.A.I.M. baby massage course I hold is suitable for babies from 2 months to crawling age and is one lesson per week, for 5 consecutive weeks.
Hope to hear from you!
All the best smile

mammanetta Wed 11-Apr-12 20:21:27

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