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Any good baby groups in the Houghton le Spring area???

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dontdomornings Sat 31-Mar-12 21:28:29

Hi all.

I have a 3 month old and would love to start taking her to socialise with other babies but I don't know where to start confused. Does anyone know of anywhere in H-L-S and surrounding area that isn't too "cliquey" and would welcome a single mum?

misslinnet Tue 03-Apr-12 00:53:40

If you're on Facebook, you could try looking on the Mums in Durham group - they have a doc with details of weekly groups activities for babies & toddlers.
Mostly nearer Durham, but there were a few listed up round your way as I recall.

AnitaBlake Sun 06-May-12 22:28:54

What kind of group were you looking for? My DD is 18m now, and I've found all the surestart groups locally are fab, and totally non-cliquey. More interesting in a nice person than their circumstances. Are you BFing?

Where's out in Houghton are you? I'm in the Burnside xxx

zoeg25 Sat 19-May-12 19:55:08

Hi, did you make any progress on any good baby groups, I have 1 6 week old and live in H-L-S too, have found a toddler group locally that I am going to try out but not too much more so far.....x

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