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New to Dunblane

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CatNapped Tue 20-Mar-12 15:55:46

Hi All
As relative newbies to Dunblane (moved in Nov 11) we were wondering if there are any local hang outs where we could meet and greet the good, and not so good, of Dunblane.
The tall one turned 3 in Dec so has started at Newton Nursery but aside from that are struggling to hook up any play dates - for either of us!
Any info much appreciated, thank you

MrsHuxtable Mon 02-Apr-12 10:25:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatNapped Tue 17-Apr-12 10:40:41

Sorry, not checked this for a while - holidays and then short hospital stint as she had bad chest infection, sure to put you off! Not quite back at nursery yet but when she is then maybe we could meet up?
I have heard of some mother/baby groups, one at the Braeport on a Wed morning (10 -11.30) and another one at the church at the roundabout (sorry, can't remember the name). I also know someone that runs a baby sensory class in Bridge of Allan on a Fri morning. Saying all that at 8 weeks in all I remember is being interested in sleep and not a lot else!

MrsHuxtable Fri 04-May-12 17:41:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsHuxtable Fri 04-May-12 17:42:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lauz4 Wed 10-Apr-13 00:22:06

Hi Dunblane people,
We are planning to move to Dunblane in June this year, returning to Scotland after almost 6 years in Australia. I have a 7 year old boy and an almost 2 year old girl.
As we are house hunting from 12,000 miles away can anyone advise whether Montgomery Crescent is a nice area? We are interested in a house there. I think my boy would attend Dunblane Primary School. I have requested details about enrolment there but haven't heard anything so fingers crossed there are places available.
I haven't been to Dunblane since I was a teenager but I really liked it then and our parents have been up looking for houses for us and said that everyone is so friendly!
Can anyone tell me fun things to do locally with toddlers?
Some information would be greatly appreciated,


pinkje Mon 22-Apr-13 13:56:55

Hi Lauren

We moved last summer, July 2012, also from overseas but we are renting for now. It is a really nice place for children to grow up although I feel there are 2 distinct parts to the town; the Newton primary to the north and east and Dunblane primary to the west and south. All come together for the High School but in my experience they sort of hang out with their own (and mums too!).

I don't know Montgomery Crescent, I'm sure it will be lovely. There aren't too many ugly parts to Dunblane but from what I know Montomery Cres is nowhere near those. It is very close to the High School which might make peak time commuting difficult. Probably you'd walk to school.

The doctor's surgery is great and I know there are lots of toddler things to do at Braeport Centre, Dunblane centre and I'm sure there are the usual mums & tots groups at the church halls.

There is a 3rd primary in Dunblane, St Mary's. It is more in the centre and very small. I'm sure you could find info online; think it is Episcopalian (sp?).

You might want to consider what you want to as there's not an awful lot to do.....will you be working. I manage to play tennis and netball a couple of times a week (and househunt too) so that keeps me from getting too bored. Stirling is very close for some decent shops & coffee places.

That's all I can think of for now. Good luck with everything.

jctt Wed 24-Apr-13 23:03:52

Hello, I hope you don't mind me joining in on your conversation. We're looking to relocate to Dunblane from London. Everything is up in the air at the moment, but we're looking at either August 2013 or January 2014, depending on my husbands job. Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone has any preference on primay school - Dunblane or Newton. My son is due to start school this year so I don't have much experience of primary schools at all. We'll be renting for the first 6 months until we find somewhere nice to buy. Many thanks.

pinkje Mon 29-Apr-13 12:49:28

Is your son starting primary 1? I'm sure you know this but the dates for school starts in Scotland are different from England. If he is 5 before 28 feb 2014 then he'll be due to start in August 2013.

I only have experience of Newton which I think is excellent - new head appointed recently after the retiral of the old.

However it'll depend where you rent as there are particular catchment areas.

There is also the St Mary's school. I know a few parents of kids there and they speak very highly of it. (As do parents I know with kids at Dunblane Primary).

So all good I think and the secondary school is very well run with a dedicated Head ( though he may well have retired by the time your son is old enough to go ).

Hope that helps a little.

goosander Sat 04-May-13 18:59:22

Hi there, you can also check the site which is quite new and still being added to, but has info (obviously) about all aspects of the town. i agree with others' comments - all the schools are good, DP and NP are largeish and St Ms is small (it isnt a religious school, the building is owned by the church).

MrsHuxtable Wed 03-Jul-13 22:55:52

Montgomery Crescent is one of the newer areas of Dunblane and it's minutes from the High School so super handy once the DC go there. It's a nice area as well.

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