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To doula or not doula at RD&E?

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whenhenshaveteeth Thu 01-Mar-12 14:51:45

I'm expecting DC2 and I'm wondering if I need a doula this time round.

I had one with DS as I was living in London at the time and never saw the same midwife twice and so I felt I wanted someone I knew to guide me on the day. I worked well for me, she was helpful. The midwife who was looking after me was nice too but obviously because she was looking after other women she kept disappearing and leaving me to it.

I had my first midwife appointment today with the loveliest midwife I've ever met. She was just so so lovely and told me that she would always be the one seeing me (unless she was ill) and that she would probably be at the birth too unless it was her day off. I was quite surprised by this as it's so different to my previous experience.

So I was wondering if I actually needed a doula. I'm not against but obviously I'd save money if I didn't have one.

What were your experiences? Did the midwife stay with you most of the time and was helpful (like you see on OBEM) or not?

If you had a doula, was she helpful?


BatCave Sun 04-Mar-12 17:02:06

My midwife at RD&E was totally amazing, i was a bit fogged out to tell the truth, but I can't remember her being out of the room. It was a Saturday and she was on call - called in for me grin Have to say the postnatal midwives were a little overstretched, didn't see much of them despite being in for 2 days! But no overall the experience was very positive.

Always wondered about Doula's but don't think I could afford one anyway!

When are you due dc2? I'm also due my 2nd in September smile

whenhenshaveteeth Mon 05-Mar-12 12:54:00

Hi, I'm due at the beginning of October.

That's really reassuring re: the birth. The post natal care for my first was pretty shocking so I don't think anything can phase me now!

I still have some time so I might mull over the doula and see...

BatCave Tue 06-Mar-12 07:46:42

Ah I'm due end of September! Might see you in there! Will be looking at hypnobirthing or Active Birthing classes at some point too. Where on earth do you begin to find a doula around here? Forgive my ignorance - I don't know anyone who has used one! Did you find her very helpful?

FessaEst Tue 06-Mar-12 07:57:12

There are a few different active birth teachers who act as doulas in Exeter- check out Birthwise Devon & Exeter Babies websites.

I have had 2 homebirths with rd&e midwives & found them all lovely.

whenhenshaveteeth Tue 06-Mar-12 13:03:56

Cool, I'm looking at doing either hypnobirth or active birth classes too and that might be where I spend my money as opposed to on the doula. Thanks for the info FessEst, I'll check out Birthwise Devon. Re: Exeter babies, is it me or is it completely out of date? It's the second time today that I try to go to a playgroup that doesn't actually exist...

Can you recommend playgroups for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, not too far out (DH takes the car to work). I live in St Leonard.

TiddlerIsTardy Tue 06-Mar-12 19:02:41


This group is good according to a friend, she goes Monday & Weds.

A bit further out, but Stay & Play at the Sure Start Centre is very popular, 9.15-11.15. Quite a walk from the city centre but loads of buses go that way.


Rhyme Time at Central Library, fortnightly is good fun.

1-2.30 at St Leonard's Church Meeting Room - NCT Bumps & Babies, open to all. (Only every other week, one on tomorrow 6/3).

Also 1-4 every week, Merry Go Round toy library is open in Belmont Park, not a playgroup but a good outing and loads to choose from.


Again, further out, but Whipton Chilldren's Centre have a good Stay & Play, 9.15-11.15.

St Leonards toddler group is a very popular church run group 1.30-3.

whenhenshaveteeth Tue 06-Mar-12 20:38:20

OMG! Thank you so much TiddlerIsTardy, this will literally change my life and make my little one so happy!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

TiddlerIsTardy Tue 06-Mar-12 21:13:11

Pleasure - I have spent many hours in playgroups round the town! I don't think I'd got through the early days with 2DC without all these activities!

TiddlerIsTardy Wed 07-Mar-12 19:47:49

Sorry, I realised too late that I had written my post yesterday thinking it was Monday - so the NCT group had already happened!

Did you go to St Leonard's today?

katekitkat Tue 20-Mar-12 22:47:28

I have just followed the link via the exeter baby activites website to the homebirth group, this has a notice about a screening of the film "Doula" on the 26th March at the exeter Pheonix. Looks like it might be interesting....

whenhenshaveteeth Thu 22-Mar-12 14:35:35

Sorry, been struck by constant nausea, tiredness, nasty nasty cold (I do like a good moan).

I'm loving the St Leonard's playgroup! It's really nice, met lovely people and it's very close to the house.

I haven't tried RT yet as DS was getting a bit grumpy at the singing bit of the St Leonard's playgroup so I didn't want to end up having to shout at him the whole (not that I shout...). Having said I think he was just finding his groove as yesterday he sang tommy thumb, tommy thumb, where are you? all day long... Aw! I've been to one playgroup in a church in Heavitree yesterday but I'm not convinced about it.

I still have to tried Belmont Chapel, I do love the idea but I'm so tired at the moment that I find it hard to get out of the house before 3.30pm.

I'm going to check out the doula screening, thanks katekitkat

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