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Lost Gangly Gang Dog

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Clare38 Thu 23-Feb-12 21:20:49

My 2 year old daughter lost her favourite toy on 21/02/2012. It is a Gangly Gang dog that was lost in Tyldesley either in McDonalds or between there and the town centre. She keeps asking where he is and gets very upset that he is not there. She has had him since she was born and took him everywhere.
Is there anyone who has a Gangly Gang dog that they are willing to sell?
My daughter and myself would be very grateful if there was

MiladyGardenia Thu 23-Feb-12 23:43:25

Have you got a picture you can put up? Also, have you been back along the route you took to see if you can spot it? Quite often people will put a lost toy/hat/glove/whatever up on a wall or something.

And, have you checked e-bay and/or the manufacturer?

Sorry for all the qs, but if we're going to reunite your DD with her favourite toy we need all the info you can give grin

Clare38 Fri 24-Feb-12 15:15:09 will show you a picture of what the dog looks like.
I retraced the route and asked in all the shops that we had been in earlier to see if any had handed the toy in. I went to back along the route and asked in the shops and McDonalds again the day after, but no-one had handed it in. I have checked with Aurora who manufactured the Gangly Gang series and I have checked on Ebay contless times. I have also checked every outlet that Google listed but there are none for sale anywhere that I have looked

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