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I love my Baby Jogger City Select!!

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NewryGirly Wed 22-Feb-12 16:20:53

Hi everyone! I'm new here. Recently I have been browsing online and came across this site smile Would like to get advice from other local mums and hear your stories. I would like to recommend my pram I bought for my wee girl. It is the baby jogger city select. The reason I bought this was after I done A LOT of research it seemed the best walking pram!! Also it converts into a double buggy later on and I'm hoping to have baba number two in the next year fingers crossed. I purchased my pram from Babyztore in Newry whom I actually found on Facebook! They had a great selection of prams to choose from and everything was on display which gave me a much better idea of the pram than when just browsing online. Anyway they were very helpful at Babyztore (and cheap!). Has anyone else got the select and using as a doub le? Would love some feedback!! smile

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