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Coleridge and Netherhall Schools Cambridge

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BigSis2112 Fri 17-Feb-12 03:09:30

Hi, we're moving back to Cambridge after a 10 year absence. Has anyone got any info about Coleridge as we'll be in their catchment area? How about Netherhall?

I read a few old threads from when Coleridge merged with Parkside but couldn't find anything after 2010. I'm interested to know how it is coping with the merger. Has it improved? Ofsted reports weren't great but not too bad either (I didn't think Netherhall got a much better report) but they were both from around 2010 so I like to think that things will have improved in both schools.

Has anyone got children at either school who could comment?


sairygamp Tue 21-Feb-12 14:24:18

Hi there - I worked at Colerdidge when it was shall we say dire and would never have entertained the thought of my children going there, but ds is now in year 7 there, that's how much I feel comfortable about the changes. I am not a fan of the head but he has done some very good things and ds is reasonably happy. There is now a 6th form and discipline does seem to be much much better. We had a few issues with year 8 and 9 boys 'bullying' ds and his friends at the beginning of the year but that was dealt with pretty quickly, so, on the whole I am happy with the choice we made. Netherhall, for us, was just too big, but that is our opinion based on knowing our son. Hope that helps! any more info - do pm me smile

sairygamp Tue 21-Feb-12 14:24:35

*Coleridge, not Didge!! duh

BigSis2112 Thu 15-Mar-12 10:58:15

Hi, thanks for the reply. We haven't yet had the decision from the council about which school we're going to. thanks for the offer to PM you - if we get into Coleridge I'll let you know smile

Netherhallsixthformer Sun 23-Dec-12 19:28:51

I am a netherhall sixth former, please read my comment on this:

ST BEDES is a good school

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