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Lovelyboys Mon 06-Feb-12 21:48:20

DS1 2.8 dx GDD ASD  in OCT 2011, we dint really want to waste any time, so we 
started ABA with 1 tutor in December , the consultant came in January first week trained and started with 3 experienced tutors who were given a structure to follow including lots of play, and getting him excited and building his trust as he is one of the under stimulated kid. 
My feelings are DS1 has learnt to tolerate them around and also does not mind going out with them but he has the biggest smile when they leave. .. His anxiety levels increased, his stims have increased , becomes more clingy, sinse past few weeks. 
DH took 2 weeks off and doing lots of play with him and he has started to copy and engaging with us more , DH even attended another session at another family doing ABA and found out that our tutors not doing enough rough and tumble play with him.
Spoke to tutors about our feelings and asked to do more rough and rumble play and physical play with him to get him excited and make him feel that sessions are just about him but haven't seen them implement yet.
I am feeling very sad for my DS1 because I know he can.
I have had a c- section last nov which is why I can't do physical play or rough and tumble with him therefore I have to depend on the tutors to get him excited/stimulated. 
What can I do?
Should we look for alternate tutors?
Can anyone recommend any ABA tutors willing to work at reading, Berkshire. 
Really confused and feel frustrated, kindly share your views / experience , thanks for reading. 

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