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Henleaze, Redland or Westbury Park best for young kids?

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BabiesNeedInstructions Wed 01-Feb-12 13:56:20

We're currently living in London but planning a move to Bristol this summer, before we have our second dc. We already have a 13mo ds. We want this move to be our 'forever home', as Kirsty and Phil would say, so we need to make sure we end up in the right area. We're both from Bristol but have never lived in these areas and I'd love advice on which of them is best from a community/friendliness point of view for young families? Obviously I'll have a read of the Ofsted reports but any more subjective thoughts on which area is best would be great, thanks.

Runoutofideas Wed 01-Feb-12 17:59:04

I would say all are good family areas although Redland can be more "studenty" in places. Regarding the schools - they are all highly sought after and you would need to ensure you live practically on the doorstep of one to get in, Don't fall into the trap of thinking "we're near to lots of good schools, we're bound to get one of them...." - you run the risk of getting a school with a bad reputation a long way out of your community. Don't want to put you off, just trying to give you a heads-up about the school situation here which has been bad and is set to get worse.....

LittleMilla Thu 02-Feb-12 19:32:51


We made the same move about a month ago and I am SO happy. You really won't regret the move.

We are living at the top of Redland, next to Westbury Park. I am still no expert, but having been to a few groups I am hoping to buy in Westbury Park (we're renting to figure things out).

Another area to consider is Westbury-on-Trym. From what I can gather, it has lots of families and old people, but lots of groups and schools are good too I think. Houses aren't the same pretty (IMO) victorian type ones, but bigger gardens. Henleaze is also more 1930s style houses.

Redland is smart, but more expensive and as run says, bit studenty. Most streets have at least one student house and parking is also more tricky. Abundance of smart houses though and v.good schools.

I am about to post about how happy I am that we moved - deserves its own thread!

arghmyear Thu 02-Feb-12 19:39:39

Yes, I would echo the advice about schools. My friend lives near to 3 lovely primaries and she didn't get into any of them and was offered one which she was really, really unhappy with. She had to go private, so do watch out for the schools issue.

arghmyear Thu 02-Feb-12 19:41:45

oh yes, parking. Get somewhere with off street parking. If you have 2 cars, make sure you can get them both off the street. I know someone who used to live in Redland but could drive for 20 minutes to find a space in any one of about 8 nearby streets!! He moved!!

BabiesNeedInstructions Thu 02-Feb-12 21:27:06

Thanks for all the tips guys. My parents live in Westbury-On-Trym so I was hoping to avoid being right on their doorstep! Useful info about the student houses in Redland, and after 7 years in London off-street parking is definitely on my list.

We're planning some estate agent time at the end of Feb - are there particular ones that have especially good coverage in Henleaze/Westbury Park?

CHST Thu 02-Feb-12 21:35:07

We bought our house through CJ Hole and I have absolutely no complaints at all. Very helpful through the whole buying process and reccommended the solicitors for conveyencing who were fantastic. We also looked at some houses through Connells, though I don't think they are as popular as CJ Hole. Very honest though I found. Richard harding, Ocean and Maggs and Allen spring to mind too though I have no personal experience with them

Russianred Thu 02-Feb-12 21:43:58

Hi, we made the same move in July with a 2.5 yr old and a 9m old and are on the borders of WOT/Henleaze/Horfield. Our money has gone a little further here and we can dip into all that is on offer in the varied areas, which is loads. But, it depends on your budget. A friend down here is in Westbury Park, which is a gorgeous area and she's in a gorgeous house. Whatever you go for, you'll be happy - lovely places for young families. Woods are quite a good EA too.

yyf13 Wed 17-Apr-13 10:49:44

Hi there, I just posted a question in relation to move to Bristol for people with a young family. I wonder how you went, especially in terms of enrolling to a good school. My post is titled "new move to Bristol, young family, children education, which area? how to enrol to a good school".

Would be very appreciated if you could give me some suggestions.

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